Got silk?

As if it wasn’t weird enough that scientists have been producing goats that give spider silk from their udders. Minnie and Nichole alerted me to two different articles on glow-in-the-dark pigs.

It sounds like something a grandparent would say. “Yeah, that’ll happen when pigs glow in the dark.”

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  1. Duker

    AHAA! I always figured these little green aliens were actually just chinese wearing sunglasses (because of their small stature and lack of genitalia, of course!), and now the green is finally explained!

  2. Anna

    It seems that they’re green on the inside too. Now they’re trying to breed them to regular pigs so people can extract the correct (and enough) stemcells (which will be green … and therefore easier to see).

    As Kermit already stated: “It’s not easy being green”.

  3. JFLY

    I do not like green eggs and ham…. 😐

  4. I don’t see other pigs turning green with envy, either…

  5. Spud

    The green glow is actually radiation residue leftovers.

    on the plus side, it’s easy to find them in the dark, you know, for that late night bacon sandwich…


  6. The pigs are the prototype for glow-in-the-dark pets so that nobody has to trip over a dog or cat on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night ever again. 😕

  7. Shannon

    Pigs are used for body part replacement especially heart valves and such. So if they use these pigs for stem cells, are they going to make people glow in the dark too? :dead:

  8. Shannon

    lol Link of the day cummingtonite 😀

  9. BHamm

    Can you imagine the guy that had to promote to his bosses exactly what was created?
    Scientist: “A new breakthrough in genetic reseach!” Glow-in-the-dark PIGS!!”
    Boss: “What do they do?”
    Scientist: “They glow in the dark!”
    Boss: “Why did you make them do that?”
    Scientist: “…”
    Boss: “Yes?”
    Scientist: “…they glow in the dark!”
    Boss: “You’re fired.”

    I have an obscure sense of humor… I apologize. 😀

  10. But, the important question is: how’s the bacon taste?

  11. mitch smith

    Next they will be creating a gene for those pigs that fly out of my butt. Who would’ve thunk.

  12. Bjorn Freeh

    Try not to step on one of the pigs at the beach… your foot will swell up. :wtf:

  13. Bobby

    “Contrary to popular belief, new research (see reference below) shows that arsoles are only moderately aromatic… ” funny stuff…

    But I really liked the Boss/Scientist dialog from…someone named Hamm! 😛

  14. Bjorn Freeh

    Will there be green chickens bred soon? I’m gonna need eggs to go with the green ham.

  15. IF the pigs are green on the inside and out… does their poop glow?

    Is there pee REALLY yellow?


  16. Jen (yep, me too)

    Ahhhh that pig is moldy! Hmm, yep that’s all I have to say. :wtf:

  17. Steppenwolf

    ‘You can’t make a silk purse out of a pigs ear’…..yet.

    I smell a swine conspiracy here. Since they are green once they escape to the pasture their camouflage means no more Bacon Tempura. Unless they can make it out of spider silk. 😛

  18. Melmel

    just two more reasons not to take scientists seriously 🙄

  19. JFLY

    I’m thinking they’ve invented pork that will microwave itself…

  20. Paige

    mmmmmm-glow-in-the-dark pork rinds. sounds delish. :puke: loved the link-cummingtonite hahahahahahahahahahahahah

  21. cbatdux

    More ham for the dad in caption 90 and less for the mom.

    Peter Parker watching the goat research very carefully.

  22. cbatdux

    Bush-ite: An intelligently-designed, alcohol-based, poly-schleptide that dissolves the truth on contact. 😕

  23. Duker

    Tight bush :wang: :P….Right bush :limp: 👿 :puke:

  24. Marcus

    Ok, I would like a dog that could clean my apartment.

    The molecule names are very funny. Here is my top ten list:

    1 Moronic Acid (what? Have a trip about being a moron)
    2.Cummingtonite (Oh yeah, possible tonite)
    3. Skatole (shitty name)
    4. Crapinon (another shitty name)
    5. Fukugetin (no comment) 😈
    6. Conantokin (knew Arnie inhaled)
    7. Clitoriacetal (see comments 2 and 5)
    8. Penguinone (roger pengiunone this is mission control…) :wtf:
    9. Carnalite (sounds like fun)
    10. Draculite (it really is what the name says)

  25. MaryL



    i love it

  26. TAZ

    🙄 thats why people today r sick in the head!!!!!!!

  27. :wtf: Just did a post about this and gave you credit. If you mind, just let me know. (Liked the Angelina list, too.)

  28. Cherish

    Glow in the dark bacon is the worst invention of man since the pug.

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