Friday Saturday Question

Apologies for the few posts of late. I am traveling so much that I rarely get quality Inter Webs time anymore.

What’s your most most embarrassing moment?

C’mon. Out with it.


  1. oh dave. are you sure you want to ask that with this crowd? this could get ugly.

    or very very funny.

    ok, i’ll go. in my former life as an exotic dancer, my period started at a very inopportune time. while i was sliding my ass down the pole.if anyone noticed they didn’t boo or throw things at me, but i finished my act with a red smear on my thigh. gross!!! :dead:

  2. Bec

    About a year ago I went to a party on the beach. I had on this very revealing shirt, it was kind of a bikini-type top with little ‘streamers’ comming off of the front below my chest, spaghetti straps to tie it in the back (very complimentary of my cleavage). Needless to say we were chillaxin on the beach, all was good until I realized I had been walking around with my right boob out for all to see. I have no idea how long it was out for, but the shirt was so teeny I could barely feel it on anyway. Other then when I worked at Hooters, that was probably the biggest debut ‘my girls’ have seen.

  3. I just peed on myself laughing at the Video of the Day. Thanks Lung. 😛

  4. Bigwavdave

    When I was in Jr. High and we were having a “sock hop” I’d get solid wood when slow dancing with a girl I liked. These days that would (wood) be great!!! It’s tough getting old. I think if I was dancing with AnnieB, Mandy, or Astryd, I’d probably still get solid. :wang: My mind is young, but my body has a “hard” time keeping “up”! :wang:

  5. Sherri

    Calling my boss on his cell phone, twice, with no answer….. only to find out he was in the men’s room. 😳

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