Found in any town

Natalie and I were discussing how every decent sized city has certain businesses with the same name, that are not franchises. No matter where you go (at least in the North American continent), you are likely to find these. Please add any I’ve missed, particularly ones outside this continent.

  1. A night club called Asylum or Sanctuary
  2. A First Baptist Church (unless you consider Baptists to be a franchise)
  3. A Chicken Shack
  4. An unexpected place to find live bait (Ex. Milly’s Ice Cream and Bait Shop)
  5. A fake Irish pub run by Italians
  6. A sports bar called Woody’s. Inevitably, it will be the largest and most annoying bar in town.
  7. Novelty Shop that sells lingerie
  8. A Dew Drop Inn
  9. A bar called the Brass Tap
  10. Which ones did we miss?
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  1. Bjorn Freeh

    Alibi taverns

    My Brother’s (Sister’s, Dad’s, French Poodle’s, etc.) Place

    Burger Queen

    Dairy King

    And Post Offices (I don’t think those are franchises…)

  2. Char

    The sports bar in our town is called ForePlay. It’s the only time men spend hours in Foreplay…

  3. Chris S

    Hmmm… I am not so well traveled but how about a Corner Store or Convenience Store… otherwise known as the C-Store. I see one everywhere I go.

    We had a Dew Drop Inn back where I grew up too in a town of only a few hundred. I had no idea people liked dew so much. How orignal!

  4. Zilla the Younger

    What town is not complete without a restaurant with an out-of-state name to give it clout:
    New York Bagel
    Calfornia Pizza Kitchen
    New Delhi Deli
    Vegas Club
    and now town is truly happy unless it has a Boom Boom Room!

  5. lisa

    shear genius (hair salon)

  6. John H

    A Touch of Class (limo service, escort service, cleaning service, used clothing store…)

    Half the companies in Wisconsin are either Badger (state animal) or Dairyland. Do other states have the same thing? Does Missouri have a lot of businesses named “Show Me”? Does Oklahoma have a glut of companies called “Sooner”?

    Ironically, lots of local businesses seem to be named National, too.

  7. – A Chinese restaurant with an adjective describing the food’s quality in its name (e.g. “Delicious Vegetarian” or “Succulent Morsels”).

    – Related – a Chinese restaurant that serves an unusual (and often rather unsavoury) mix of international cuisines (e.g. “Chinada” [Chinese / Canadian], or “Chitaly” [Chinese / Italian], or Chineece [Chinese / Greek] — all real restaurants)

  8. Mom & Pop’s Country Store
    A hotel/motel you can rent by the hour
    A Lucky’s anything (store, bar, garage, spa…whorehouse…) 😆
    J&J’s A&J’s B&J’s etc Cornerstore/Restaurant

    Link(s) of the day: We’ll hear/read soon after, “The Giant Badger Al-Ghirayri also known in Basra as Al-Girta has been placed on the endangered animals list. What could have caused such peaceful creature’s population to suddenly decrease so drastically? President George W Bush has allocated millions of taxpayer dollars to fund research and hopefully answer and resolve such puzzling events. ‘I will not rest until we find the WMD’s that have brought freezedated terrorization into the tenderized little hearts of these lil’ critters!'” 🙄

    Cupcakes on the Half-Shell: Do they smell/taste fishy? :puke:

  9. Joe-the-ragman

    7 – 11’s “They’re everywhere! ! !


  10. NANA’s!
    Jeans, Strings and Things
    Crystals, Dragons and Swords
    Adult Book/Video Store (soooo creative) 🙄
    Stuff and More

  11. chainstay

    I think that every town has a “Last chance saloon”

  12. chainstay

    I forgot,I Think “The Golden Dragon” is in most places.

  13. dino

    AAA Bail Bonds

    NYC Chicken

  14. junkman

    that pussy sure does like gnawing the cob!

  15. yankee04

    What about a world famous anything or everything?

  16. Happy Hands or Beautiful Nails – the local nail salon where females, both young and old, go to get those freaky long acrylic nails.

    Dollar Store – where you buy crap for a buck.

    A Make-Your-Own-Wine Store – where you try to impress your friends by giving them a bottle of bad wine with your face on the label.

    Mom & Pop’s Diner – where else can you get real fatty food like mom used to make?

    The Christian Surplus Store – where Jesus shops.

  17. yankee04

    Coin Operated Laundry Mat
    Farm & Feed Surplus outlet

  18. AnnieB

    Place that start with AAA – anything, just to be listed first in the yellow pages.

    Restaurants that say “authentic” (German, Italian, etc.) food. You know, as opposed to that fake crap other places have. ❓

  19. I’m gonna open a pet grooming business and call it RICH BICH 😉 😈

  20. Bigwavdave

    Eat At Joe’s – Real place in Redondo Beach

  21. [Comment ID #195390 will be quoted here]
    (yes, I do realize I’m responding to my own post)

    Where you can pamper your pussy and coddle your wiener… 😛

    [Comment ID #195375 will be quoted here]

    :wtf: :wang: 😳 😛

  22. James

    George’s Shoe Repair

  23. Bjorn Freeh

    A Wal-Mart, a boarded-up grocery store, a boarded-up hardware store, a boarded-up shoe store, a boarded-up business supplies store…

  24. Lake Effect

    Pins & Needles
    Stop Inn
    Tony’s Pizza
    Suds n Duds
    Boot Scoot Saloon
    [fill in the blank] Discount Barn
    Aunt Teak’s
    Hair Port
    The Tick Tock
    The Donut Hole
    Wimpy’s Hamburgers
    Hot Diggety Dog

    [help! I can’t stop]

  25. dougieace

    [Comment ID #195395 will be quoted here]

    and sometimes a boarded up wal-mart that was replaced by a new super wal-mart.they are across the street from each other here in celina,oh

  26. Tater Salad

    bubbas bait & beer store
    bubbas auto & hair care shops
    bubbas bail bonds
    bubbas got it store
    bubbas grease pit & cafe
    bubbas place

  27. Flash Gordon

    Curl Up and Dye Beauty Salon—where town ladies get
    that frizzy look and the Hitler Mustache down in the
    :undies: and :thong:. Many Zilla girls have been
    spotted leaving these places. :kiss: :kiss: :wang: :thong: 😳

  28. nanna

    [Comment ID #195372 will be quoted here]

    yeah and its call the town jail

  29. nanna

    [Comment ID #195372 will be quoted here]

    yeah and its call the town jail

  30. Lake Effect

    South Side Bar & Casino — Liquor in the Front – Poker in the Rear
    :undies: 😛 :wang:

  31. Children’s resale shop named after a child + closet (e.g. “Jillian’s Closet” or “Daisy’s Closet” or “Jack’s Coming Out of the Closet”) or some cutesy vegetable + patch (e.g. ‘Strawberry Patch’, ‘Punkin’ Patch, “Nicorette Patch” etc.)

    Some derivation of ‘Vine’ attached to a wine bar (e.g. Vine2Vine, Vineology, Fine Vine)

    A vintage store including the words: “Play it Again”

    And every college town has a ‘Grog n Groc’ or ‘Party Store’.

  32. People who yell at you for not wearing pants.

  33. tinamarie

    A Chinese restaurant where the name sounds like a sentence in English. For instance:

    “Chow Som Ding” (??–I remember seeing it, but not where I saw it.)
    “Ho Cow” (as in ‘you so hungry, you eat ho cow!’ sighted in Chicago)

    Then there is the Vietnamese owned shop that uses descriptive words in the name, like
    “Happy Nail” (Phoenix)
    “Yum Yum Donuts” (Los Angeles)
    “Tasty Good” (sighted in California–I don’t know what it sold.)

  34. tinamarie

    A Chinese restaurant where the name sounds like a sentence in English. For instance:

    “Chow Som Ding” (??–I remember seeing it, but not where I saw it.)
    “Ho Cow” (as in ‘you so hungry, you eat ho cow!’ sighted in Chicago)

    Then there is the Vietnamese owned shop that uses descriptive words in the name, like
    “Happy Nail” (Phoenix)
    “Yum Yum Donuts” (Los Angeles)
    “Tasty Good” (sighted in California–I don’t know what it sold.)

  35. TimM

    An Irish bar or restaurant called “The Blarney Stone”
    A sports bar called “The Sportsman”
    A business near an intersection with “Crossroads” in the name.
    A Business imitating “Toys R Us”
    A bar on a highway called “Highway Inn”
    A bar called “The Brass Rail”

  36. Nik

    Taco Casa

    La Hacienda

    The Ranch

    *** Steaks, Seafood, Ribs

    A surprising number of seafood restaurants with any ocean, stream, river, or lake being some 30+ miles away.


  37. jewels-o-de-nile

    – 👿 county jail
    – i went to this hooters in Nairobi, kenya only to be disapointed- no Hooters! :limp: and no fly chick neither :limp: :limp: ❓ 🙁

  38. officeratt

    Prisons. Warning street signs-Do not pick up hitchhikers. 😈

  39. Spud

    El Rancho Steak House

  40. Drusky

    [Comment ID #195395 will be quoted here]
    True That! Every one a small hometown, mom and pop operation… Also a boarded up lube and tire store, boarded up pharmacy…

    [Comment ID #195397 will be quoted here]
    Same here in Reno, NV. A standard Wal-Mart in a older shopping center with 4 new Super-Centers complete with food, auto center, etc… in a 5-20 mile radius around it and 2 more about 30-40 minutes away. Kiss the older one goodbye…

  41. Kristie

    We have a Lucky’s bar that is attached to a Ramada Inn.. 💡

  42. [Comment ID #195393 will be quoted here]

    That is weird and you’re so right. I wonder if men named George have only 3 options in life:
    1) Shoe repair
    2) Sports commentator
    3) Evil Dictatorship

  43. Mandy

    a butcher shop with a sign that reads “you can’t beat our meat”. :limp:

  44. Mandy

    oh! i thought of another. a sports bar with a misspelled sign like “are beer is warm but our waitresses r hot.”

  45. crash

    [Comment ID #195362 will be quoted here]

    Being from the boothill area….. Show me motors, show me realestate, show me auction,

  46. Irish

    [Comment ID #195362 will be quoted here]

    Actually yes. ALOT of businesses in Oklahoma have “Sooner” in it, and the ones that don’t have a product that they sell with “Sooner” in it.

  47. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #195545 will be quoted here]

    Common maybe, but not necessarily pedestrian.

    4) President/Governor: Washington, Bush (2), Pataki
    5) Actor/Director: Clooney, Burns, Scott, Lucas
    6) Musician: Harrison, Michael
    7) Writer: Orwell, Sand
    8) Boxer: Foreman

  48. brad s.

    the lettuce (let us) inn

  49. Lake Effect

    A Cut Above (I’ve seen it for pizza shop & hair salon)

  50. Lake Effect

    [Comment ID #195570 will be quoted here]

    10) Wrestler: Gorgeous
    11) Actor: Costanza; Takai
    12) Swinger: Of the Jungle
    13) King: King III
    14) Story : Curious; Porgie
    15) Inventor: Washington Carver
    16) General: Custer; Patton; Marshall
    17) Saint: Saint
    18) Fireman: My Dad
    19) Comedian: Carlin; Lopez
    20) Musician: Gershwin; Strait; Jones; Benson; Thorogood; Boy
    21) Movin’ On Up: Jefferson
    22) Author: Elliot
    23) Coast to Coast: Noory
    21) Columnist: Will

  51. In Laguna Beach, Woody’s isn’t a sports bar, it’s a gay bar. :wtf: :wang:

  52. Maddog

    How about the “Green or Blue” Parrot, Brass Mug, Starlite Lounge, Silk Stockings, Diamond Dolls, Calendar Girls, Lollipops, Gentlemans Club, Hard Bodies or Soft Sluts, whichever the case maybe, Mons Venis, Tiger Tails, Wiskey-a-Go-GO, Class Act,etc,etc :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong:

  53. crash

    saw a new one today sho me golden opportunities

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