1. Pantsuits of the Damned
  2. Dawn of the Bagel
  3. The Hills Have Starbucks
  4. The Cabinet of Dr. Phil
  5. Invasion of the Body Shapers
  6. Whatever Happened to Milli Vanilli?
  7. Don’t Go Inside My Trousers
  8. I Know What You Did at band camp
  9. Friday the 14th
  10. What movies would you like to see?

With assistance from Mark Simon

30 thoughts on “Failed Horror Movie Ideas

  1. The Drunken Mall Santa, Revenge of the Drunken Mall Santa, I Married a Drunken Mall Santa. Son of the Drunken Mall Santa, etc… need I say more.

  2. [quote comment=”533156″][quote comment=”533139″]April 15th, 1 minute ’til midnight.[/quote]
    ’tis the tax season to give.[/quote]
    never mind.

  3. [quote comment=”533058″]The “Ultimate” Failed Horror Show… A Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue.[/quote]
    It’s already out (2000) as is the sequel (2004). Both were soundly panned by critics.

  4. [quote comment=”533058″]The “Ultimate” Failed Horror Show… A Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue.[/quote] God Bless her. Annie’s just as sharp as she is pretty.
    [quote comment=”533138″]King Kong and Godzilla make a porno.[/quote] I think I’d kinda like to see this one. Eddie Murphy, as Ralph Kramden, doing the voiceover for King Kong- “Hey Nortonzilla! I know that you know that you want to fuck me in the ass”.

  5. [quote comment=”533388″]The Exercist starring Richard Simmons.[/quote]
    Just the thought scares the HELL out of me. :puke: :dead:

  6. The Ring Tone
    The Hills Have iPods
    The TexMex Coleslaw Massacre
    Children of the Quorn
    The Soccer Mummy
    Freddy and Jason Versus Alien and Rocky.
    Itchy the Killer. (A Simpson’s Halloween Special)

  7. IRS Gone Wild

    The Pit and the Peach

    Davezilla Invades Tokyo (actually not that bad but somehow suffered poor box office numbers)

    Night of the Living Embroiderers

    Don’t Go in the Walk-in Closet

    The Exorcism of Emeril Green

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