Eat Me

Eat Me

I must admit to always being disturbed by pictures like this: food that can’t wait to end itself, smothering condiments on generously to assist in its own demise. As a child, I was horrified by hamburger joints that had cows eating burgers or licking their lips. Something about the cannibalistc cows deeply upset me. Is it just me, or are you freaked out by this as well?

Image via Robyn

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  1. BryGuy

    that black animal hanging in the window is freakier. or the hot dog’s alternating ketchup and mustard eyebrows. or it’s fingernails. But hey, $5 t-shirts.

  2. Spud

    Is it just me, or are you freaked out by this as well?
    Yes, this Amerikan style of advertising is a symbolic mindscape of a deeper underlying problem within which the mindset has been altered to combine the desire and actualization of an act that can be grossly misconstrued for either the betterment or demise of the indigenous race.


  3. Duker

    Holy smokes Spudman, try DeCaf!! Big wieners scare me but I’ll try the $5 hooker!! Do I need a condiment??!? 😕

  4. cbatdux

    The big weiner – a sure babe magnet.

  5. pablo

    With that huge weiner standing there, it’s a good thing there wasn’t a taco stand next door.

    I can’t wait for the picture of the whistle shop and the caption “Blow Me”

  6. Omega

    Nice, he’s getting some chick to give him oral on that weiner with maybe fifteen seconds of talking. :wang:

  7. sledge

    Thats it baby , lick my bun

  8. StevieC

    [Comment ID #172980 will be quoted here]

    What he said. And yeah, 6 fingered oversized representations of food do freak me out. So do McClowns and the Michelin Tire Ghost.

  9. Bjorn Freeh

    Hmmm… “food that can’t wait to end itself”.

    Seems the perfect metaphor for the North American IT industry. Except that young women aren’t hanging all over us while we work.

    Maybe I need ketchup hair…

  10. Bjorn Freeh

    [Comment ID #173050 will be quoted here]

    C’mon… the guy works in the meat cutting business. How many fingers do you think he should have?

  11. That has always freaked me out, too. Growing up I could never understand why our favorite BBQ joints had pictures of happy pigs dressed in overalls, smiling and waving. Very Jeffrey Dahmer if you ask me.

  12. Anna

    There was a documentary on tv, last night, on how to give blowjobs …. not kidding!!!! (see, we have educational programming, holland ain’t so bad.)
    Now I know she’s not doing it right. :limp:

  13. StevieC

    [Comment ID #173065 will be quoted here]

    Just another one of the meat byproducts found in your typical hot dog.

    By the way, I’ve heard of buns o’ steel, but buns o’ plaster??? :wtf:

  14. Not me. I like my food anthromorphized, fatalistic, and cartoon cute. Particularly singing and dancing with joy, before I kill it, nuke it in the microwave, split it in half, and chew it to tiny pieces. It’s what being a predatory carnivore is all about!

    My only regret is that Smurfs are not edible. They should taste just like blueberry muffins.

  15. beyonduplication

    i’ll have to second that comment on the fingernails. definately the creepiest thing about this… 😐

  16. [Comment ID #173069 will be quoted here]

    In the words of Samuel L Jackson: “That’s it, I’m goin’, that’s all there is to it.”

  17. I’m suddenly craving a hot dog… :wtf: :wang: 😈

  18. junkman

    EAT ME! absolutely! but only if you lose your geeky bun-lick friend and get away from that h.r. pufnstuf boner.

  19. Bigwavdave

    Once again, I agree with junkman…I’ll take the hottie in the hoodie…

  20. Suddenly my appetite for the weiner has diminished drastically leaving a more prominant appetite for the ladies…
    “Come on sweetie, cum to mami. I’ll eat you good, then have seconds…” 😈

    I am terribly disturbed by this. I need a manly man to bring me back!

    Sure it’s big…but the redness and yellow discoloration can’t be healthy! Can you say STD?

  21. StevieC

    [Comment ID #173119 will be quoted here]

    C’mon Atryd, let’s do another road trip!

  22. Ha! My Hero!! I’ve got chills…and a chesire cat grin!! Same route? Can I invite my friends, if they wanna cum too?

    Mmm…Ooh baby, I’m so excited!

  23. StevieC

    Same route, but once we’ve reached our destination, we’ll turn around and come back. 😈

  24. “I must admit to always being disturbed by pictures like this: food that can’t wait to end itself, smothering condiments on generously to assist in its own demise.”

    Absolutely Dave. Nonetheless, if it really does work, the cuddly anthropomorphic mascots with a deathwish could easily be taken out of the food industry and applied to other fields. For example:

    As a mascot for the Pro-Death Penalty lobby:
    1. DEATH ROW DUTCH: A Disney styled wolf who winks at the audience when you push a button and a recorded voice with a Texas accent says:
    ‘Hi there kids! I’m Death Row Dutch and I’m about to be injected with a cocktail of lethal chemicals which will stop my heart within minutes. And do you know why? Yes that’s right. Because I was a baaad doggie and strangled six nurses. Now God wants me to die for my wrongdoings. Pray for me Kids! So long now!’

    Other ideas for iconic mascots:

    2. Freddy the Friendly Fetus. (Pro-Life Campaign)
    3. Danny the NRA Deer: (Hey kids, wanna come hunt me!)
    4. Vincent the Veal Calf: (Aw shoot, I didn’t wanna grow up anyways)
    5. Tim the US Recruiting Taliban: (I’d just wuve to meet you)

  25. Ay papi…you’re the boss, you’re the best!
    It’s a round trip with unloading at mutliple Climaxes!!

    I’ll pack very light…not even the clothes on my back. 😈

  26. churilla

    Umm… OMG, is this person who took this picture from LA?? I know that thing. It stands in front of a place called Hogan’s Heroes right down the street from where I live. If it is not the same, is it possible that there could be more than one of these weird-ass statues?

  27. [Comment ID #173148 will be quoted here]

    I don’t honestly know, Dave. I’m pretty sure she lives in New York.

  28. Mikeme

    Ladies really do like the ol’ weiner in the bun 😈 :wtf:

  29. CaffeineAddictsAnon.

    A six-foot tallNitrate rich carb. Who can resist? :dead:

  30. Is that a ketchup stain on his upper lip? or is it a cold sore?…

  31. Lake Effect

    OK…Now the ladies sing…come on – I can’t hear you…

    “I know a weenie man.
    He owns a weenie stand.
    He sells most anything from hot dogs on down.
    Someday I’ll change his life.
    I’ll be his weenie wife.
    Hot dog, I love that weenie man.”

  32. Rufus G. Garvin

    Two crazed ‘zilla babes on the town. :wang: 🙄 :wang:

  33. Drusky

    [Comment ID #173020 will be quoted here]
    You are, of course, assuming that the one doing the licking is female. I don’t see any definite proof there…

    [Comment ID #173069 will be quoted here]
    speaking purely from a man’s point of view, given some methods are better than others, is there really a truly wrong way, here? 😛

    Lung the Younger, you forgot a few:
    Daisy the D.U.I. Dummy (Just aim for something soft…)
    Manny the Meth Master(Who needs teeth, anywhay?)
    Sergio the Sexual Harrassment Seal (Your word against hers)
    and Roy the Racist Rabbit (It’s o.k., kids, to be different and besides, it’s ‘freedom of speech’!)

  34. Driver

    After reading Atryd, StevieC, and Anna’s comments I kinda feel like that musterd bottle.
    Thanks for the dream food gals! 😛

  35. Driver

    Oh and lets not forget Meagan 😛

  36. Stevie C

    [Comment ID #173215 will be quoted here]

    No problem Driver, but I’m not one of the :boob: :boob:. I’m a :wang:

  37. Driver

    Thanks for clearing that up,my mistake and it wont happen again, luckily I did’nt dream at all last night

  38. StevieC

    [Comment ID #173304 will be quoted here]

    Are you sure that today’s pic (Wednesday) isn’t a mental image from your dream?

  39. [Comment ID #173135 will be quoted here]

    Can I come too? Please?

  40. [Comment ID #173217 will be quoted here]

    Happy to oblige


  41. StevieC

    [Comment ID #173343 will be quoted here]

    As many times as you’d like. 😈

  42. Lake Effect

    I’ve always been a little disturbed by the seafood eateries at Sea World.

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