Image courtesy Stefan.

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  1. Tina Marie

    Holy shit! Flava Flav’s dad is WHITE! 😳

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH holy effing shit. there aren’t enough words in the human language to describe how fucking funny that is. really. :wtf:

  3. ganicutie

    He got that from my grandma.
    Seriously, she would come to school functions dressed like that.

  4. Lee

    “Project Runway’s Tim Gunn — The photos he doesn’t want people to see. Next on Entertainment Tonight.”

  5. The stain on the front of this old French guy’s shorts would suggest that there is one thing that Stevie Srarr didn’t swallow.

  6. The stain on the front of this old French guy’s shorts would suggest that there is one thing that Stevie Starr didn’t swallow.

  7. Yeah, I thought I could fix the Srarr-Starr mistake on time but it looks like I blew it. (excuse the pun)

  8. Spud

    Eldon Shamblin decides a little bit of pizazz won’t hurt his coming out of retirement concert.

    Eldon Shamblin

  9. Amanda B.

    EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeWWWWWWWwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :puke: :wtf: :dead:
    That woke me up but now I’m blinded for life

  10. Looks like Grandpa has eaten way too much sugar today.

  11. Craig

    “This isn’t the AARP’s costume party?”

  12. family jules

    Nice gams.

  13. The CyberSlug

    Jerry Stiller needs to quit fooling himself – no one’s gonna take him seriously as a rap star.

  14. scamper95

    I almost blew chunks when steve swallowd the fish

  15. This is what happens when Grampa loses his prescription glasses and has to wear an older pair.

  16. MrDoug

    Oh crap Harry Carey is not dead he was just passed out drunk from all of that butwiser he drank!

    See old W has known all along that “Book Learnin” is way overrated.

  17. Irene

    Drew Carey’s dad off his medication again?? DAMN, the old guy watches WAAYYY too much MTV! :wtf:

  18. Jack

    Stevie Starr, perfect companion for Howard Stern’s sausage lady

  19. Corinne

    Quick! He`s desecrating the flag…it`s Guantanamo for him!!

  20. After thirty years of service in the US Navy, George at times things differently than his neighbors, friends, family, or residents of Quebec. Two years ago George followed his wife to the mall, where she got her colors done. When the cosmetic girl, a cute 50 year old brunette with a charming smile, offered to do George’s colors, she told him this would help him choose clothes and accessories that would enhance his image and his esteem. Well, George heard that, but not all of it. She told George his colors were ‘autumn’ colors, basic earth tones. George heard ‘basic colors’ all right — Old Glory red, white and blue basic!

    George immediately started dressing in Flag colors, and was pretty damned proud, too. He didn’t understand why his wife nagged about his clothes — they were all in his ‘basc’ colors, right? Well, George hadn’t found his wife to actually be correct about anything after breakfast, not in 35 years and counting (and counting, and counting!), so her ignorance about George’s basic colors was almost routine.

    George loves to strut with his ‘basic colors’ cane. While George and his wife visited Chenille at her kids counselor and activities director job (Sunshine Nudist Resort and Volleyball Clinic), he met the sweetest little lady, Babs, and they immediately hit it off. They sat a bit too close in the sauna, dipped in the unheated pool at the same time, showered together, and watched volleyball together. Watching Babs climb nekkid out of the pool, sitting on her towel in the Sauna, or watching her shower in the open air, George just couldn’t get enough of watching her smile. And a week after they got really naughty after the Bare Buns Boogie dance and hot tub, Babs presented George with the best cane available, painted in George’s colors!

    Now separated from his wife (she stayed on with their daughter at the club; George and Babs were banned from the club for hanky-panky), George is off for another weekend at Babs’ place. And just to top off the day, George decided to wear the ‘Disney World’ glasses he got as a gift from Babs’ granddaughter Amy. Waltzing through the most beautiful day, humming ‘… Friend to you and me, George, George, George of the jungle, Watch out for that tree!’, George ambles off to his happy new life.

  21. liza

    he looks like willy wonka + the old guy in “Toys”

  22. harley

    I feel soooooooooooo sorry for that mans family. It’s no wonder that he is alone. :wtf:

  23. Drusky

    Tonight on ‘Queer Eye For The Old Guy’, The ‘Fab Five’ take on their biggest challenge… 😈

  24. Drusky

    [Comment ID #76872 will be quoted here]

    😆 🙂 😆

  25. jen

    Amazing how much younger Flava Flav looks on TV….

  26. Jilly

    Check out that pocket protector man!!! This is clearly a case of “Old School Nerds Gone Wild!” 😆

  27. wendyfb

    Father time….. or Old man Weight Watcher!

  28. wendyfb

    How about you sit on my face and I’ll guess your weight? ❗ 😮

  29. mikeB

    He’s doing so much to help the image of Republicans. See? They’re not all tight-assed Nazis! Some of them are mentally retarded Nazis. 😈

  30. My dad went missing 30 years ago, thank you Dave, you have found him for me, they always said I took after my father and now I see why 😆

  31. I see he’s picking up fashion tips from Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan again… just check out the color palatte and the specs! 😀

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