Someone is cloning naked Santas

Cloned army of Santas
And arming them. Link via Blort

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13 replies on “Someone is cloning naked Santas”

  1. Nor is it a SANITY clause. Ferkryinowtlowd. It’s KENNY ROGERS. What kind of a SICK FU*K would photograph (or cause to be photographed) a nekkid red-neck with guns. Akshully, I saw this the other day over at m90, blort, meepzorp or what the f?ck am I saying. Razzlefraggle jig jag blarg wogga. All Your RNS* Are Belong To Us!

    *Red Neck Santa

    Oh, and by the way, MERRY FRIKKIN CHRISTMAS!!
    (For your sh*tiest Christmas Musical selection, try what I listen to:

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