Channel what?

Channel what?

I don’t see how this channel guide is helpful in any way. Am I missing something here?

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Published by Davezilla

I like strong coffee, stronger beer and droppin' the bass.

22 replies on “Channel what?”

  1. [Comment ID #22661 will be quoted here]

    There is nothing wrong with liking wrestling, not only do I like wrestling, I have been a wrestler before(and still do it on occasions)! And don’t put The Rock down, so far he hasn’t done too bad in the movies(those who didn’t like Doom, it’s a video game movie, most of those suck…see Street Fighter: the Movie)!!!!!!!

  2. i remember seeing guys like that when i was in highschool, i wonder if they’re still like that… :geek: 😕

  3. Okay, why are my co-workers making videos of themselves?
    I swear, I work in “geek heaven” and there are days when I wonder if anyone can pull their head out of their RPG-ass and notice that there is a REAL WORLD out here.

    Oh, and Dave, if you read this, check out my blog for the video on Why Macs Suck

  4. Perhaps not… anymore. However, the video clip is hysterical, just for the humor factor 😀

    And the channel guide? Well, now that the gov’mint is watching all of us, and the gov’mint knows best, you better believe that the gov’mint is going to be “guiding” us all in what channels we watch! Just another reason I do not have television! 😛

  5. I saw the video on Why Macs Suck, CroneWynd. No matter what the video says, it just reminds Mac users of what they already know. And by the way, Dave, MACS DO SUCK!!!!!!! 😛

  6. Craig said:

    …If you smeeeeeeell what the rock is cookin’! (sorry, used to be a rastlin’ freak)

    There is nothing wrong with liking wrestling, not only do I like wrestling, I have been a wrestler before(and still do it on occasions)! And don’t put The Rock down, so far he hasn’t done too bad in the movies(those who didn’t like Doom, it’s a video game movie, most of those suck…see Street Fighter: the Movie)!!!!!!!

    oh please…. the :puke: rock :wtf: is just so damned boring…

  7. [Comment ID #22842 will be quoted here]

    I’m trying but damn it, it’s not working. Everytime I try, an oppourtunity arises that I must take to keep my immaturity alive. It’s what makes me…well, me. Trust me, when there is nothing more pleasing than to see someone writhe in pain(or pleasure) from laughing, there is not much more meaning to life. When you can tell me that when one of your occupations has been being a Professional Wrestler and right at this very moment, your current job is a cashier at the local Target Store, you will understand the pain I go through to amuse myself(and sometimes that means offending people and making some of them sick, then so be it). I’m sorry about going a little too far with singling you out but I’ve never heard ANYONE say that Macs don’t suck, until you, and I thought it was a little strange. No offense to you, of course, just the comment.

  8. [Comment ID #22998 will be quoted here]

    since quiting the wrestling business, no i don’t get out too much. i unfortunately live a sheltered life right now, i’m trying to ajust to not kicking the asses of people that piss me off, so i try to avoid them so i don’t beat them up(it never fails, when i do go out, i see someone that i hate that i want to beat the crap out of so that eliminates most public places). And lol for the part about you just kidding, i had to call back my EVIL WERE-RABBITS OF DOOOOOM!!! before they got to your location, they weren’t happy so i sent to Dick Cheney…they came back scared and i don’t know why! :mrgreen:

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