Captiontime #235

Captiontime #235

Image via Brecht


  1. greyoutlook

    Pauls ex now that the alimony ran out

  2. :wtf:

    Thug life meets pirate life.

    Helen the happy, hoppy hooker! 😆

    Buccaneer babe seeks homeboy for fun, parties, and to lean on.

  3. Bigwavdave

    Happy Hippy Hoppers

  4. Business hasn’t been too good for the peg legged, hermafrodidic hooker Jack Swallows. Even the pimp has to down a 40 before he puts his hand on that ass.

  5. “Get your hand off me arse or I’ll stick this peg leg where the sun don’t shine!” :wtf:

  6. janeeto

    [Comment ID #334063 will appear here]

    By the look on his face, I think she’s already stuck her peg leg where the sun doesn’t shine.

  7. janeeto

    Pirate gal: I have standards. You want to stedge :wang: me, you have got to be as thick as my peg leg.

    Homeboy: Damn! :limp:

  8. stormgibson

    Be careful when Momma says ” She’s a nice girl …you should meet her.”

  9. Drusky

    I’ll bet her name is ‘ILEAN’ or ‘PEGGY…’ 😈 🙄


    In a sign of the times, this shows that $40 just doesn’t get you as much hooker as it used too…

  10. Flash Gordon

    Velvet Jones meets Cap’t. Jackie Sparrow. Shiver me timbers!
    They’re waiting for AnnieB and Mandy to show up. 😀 :kiss: 😛 😳 :wang:

  11. Cobe

    wooden leg, wooden pussy = splinters in your dick

  12. Drusky

    [Comment ID #334063 will appear here]

    [Comment ID #334079 will appear here]

    More likely, she’s grabbing his ass with her hook… :dead:

  13. Lake Effect

    I’m oddly aroused.

    Key word ‘oddly’.

  14. Chris S.

    Please let that pic be photoshopped…

  15. chainstay

    Q: Which one has a “woody”

  16. Mad dog pimpin’ and Shemale Pirate Gimpin’!! :wtf:

  17. Awwwww Drusky, You beat me to it. She’s giving him a : good right hook, hooked penetration. Getting the hook up. Getting her hook on. 🙄 Okay, stick a hook in me, I’m done. 😆

  18. Well, she does have a leg up on the competition…

  19. Lol

    “Yarrr, ive got a nother peg for ye” :wang:

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