22 thoughts on “Captiontime #235

  1. Business hasn’t been too good for the peg legged, hermafrodidic hooker Jack Swallows. Even the pimp has to down a 40 before he puts his hand on that ass.

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    By the look on his face, I think she’s already stuck her peg leg where the sun doesn’t shine.

  3. Pirate gal: I have standards. You want to stedge :wang: me, you have got to be as thick as my peg leg.

    Homeboy: Damn! :limp:

  4. I’ll bet her name is ‘ILEAN’ or ‘PEGGY…’ 😈 🙄


    In a sign of the times, this shows that $40 just doesn’t get you as much hooker as it used too…

  5. Velvet Jones meets Cap’t. Jackie Sparrow. Shiver me timbers!
    They’re waiting for AnnieB and Mandy to show up. 😀 :kiss: 😛 😳 :wang:

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    More likely, she’s grabbing his ass with her hook… :dead:

  7. Awwwww Drusky, You beat me to it. She’s giving him a : good right hook, hooked penetration. Getting the hook up. Getting her hook on. 🙄 Okay, stick a hook in me, I’m done. 😆

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