26 thoughts on “Caption time #7

  1. Bif: WOW! This mail order bride came with a pair of free boxers!
    Betty (Bif’s sister on left): Please… both of you… go back to wherever she came from.

  2. Girl on Left: “Well what can I say?.I wish you and Brad all the happiness in the world. When we were married it just never worked out so I’m sure we are both much happier now anyway. No seriously Natasha Im sure it will be great. I got you some boxer shorts as a small gift. There a little large, but I can’t really say Brad will grow into them. He’s not the biggest chap in the world are you Brad? That was the problem with OUR marriage you see. Brad just can’t cut it in the sack. Sure it won’t effect you though…your both a bit old for that anyway….how old are you Natasha? Early 40’s?”

  3. Edward: I don’t think this skirt is in my size.
    Lucy: (thinks) Who is that bitch smiling at?
    (Says) You’re a bit old for that sort of thing, aren’t you?
    Sara: (Thinks) Oh, no he isn’t! You didn’t see him last night – what am I going to do?
    (Says) Don’t be silly, Lucy.

  4. Girl on left: “Love the dress by the way I can really see what you tried to do.”

    Natasha: Oh Thankyou, Brad bought it for me…I just kinda threw it on.”

    Girl on Left: “Well you obviously missed!”

    Natasha: “Sorry what was that?”

    Girl on Left: “I said I hope you die soon.”

  5. Guy: ‘you KNOW it’s always been a dream of mine to have two naked girls in one pair of shorts!
    So why are you still dressed’.

  6. Girl-on-the-left: “I wonder if it does anything else apart from staring vacantly with that dumb expression on its face?”
    Guy: “Duh… what the fuck is this?”
    Girl-on-the-right: “*SIGH* I’m so beautiful”

  7. Gee, Bambi did such a good job with the embroidery… and I think it’s cute that she put in the words “open wide” and the red lips all round the fly. Don’t you think so, Honey? uhh, Honey?


  8. Girl on left: “Here are the boxers you left at my place last night John.”
    John thinks: Whew…thought she would keep them for DNS testing. Good thing my girlfriend
    Wendy is such an airhead.
    Wendy thinks:

  9. The card says, “I know you slept with my mother and my little sister, you bastard.
    That cookie was laced with Ricin. Hope you like your new shorts.” Sqworrk

  10. Chick on left: “Bitch.”
    Guy holding ugly boxers: “Uhhh, hmm, umm, uhhh…”
    Chick on right: “I’m pretty.”

  11. Girl on left: “Hey, wasn’t your outfit in Flashdance?”
    Guy: “You want me to do what with these?”
    Girl on right: “Where’s Flashdance? I’ve never heard of that store and I know the mall real well!”

  12. Chick on left: “YEH, smile now, bitch……but wait ’til you see what I did to your Barbie collection Sleep with MY man, will ya!”
    Guy holding ugly boxers: “Uhhh, who’s Brad and why is his name sewn into my underwear??”
    Chick on right: “My daddy is going to buy me a pony for my birthday.”

  13. Dave, you did a great job on the web site design. I’m gonna hafta
    keep popping in and out to see all these changeable icons.

  14. Wow, these cheesey boxers are by far the most modern clothing at this table. Excuse me, ladies, but 1987 called, and it wants its dresses back.

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