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  • kheas

    And then Karl ran across the REAL nude pictures of Paris Hilton.

  • jman fools…no one can ban the great Garry Glitter from surfing for porn!! No one!!! How do you like them apples????

  • fruf

    Starbucks new porn service
    He got the address from the newspaper thinking he was pricing massages

  • Don

    Doing research for the new govt. health care plan.

  • Meagan

    “Now where can I see some of these classy dames in person? Wait, this isn’t the bordello?”

  • Meagan

    “The day Uncle Charlie got arrested for polishing his apple in public.” :wtf:

  • chainstay

    “Hey wait a sec. That’s my wife!”

  • saltydog

    :-?Oh God what was my password?
    For a year now no matches and Now I get four and I cant remember 😥

  • rust

    Hey, come on you people, can’t you tell the old fart needs glasses?

    And, not to mention the fact that Apple has always had such superior products…

  • zinta

    Apple…. superior maybe… over priced.. definitely.
    You can buy a decent PC for HALF the price of a comparable Apple.

  • StevieC

    Mmmmm, I’m feeling warm all over. I think I might be actually getting a hard-on! :wang:
    Nope, just peed in my Depends again. :limp:

  • rust

    Dag nab it! Every single time I try to get to send that Ohbarma an email I git this here page fulla porno ahgraffy. Wait a sec, aint that Michelle?

  • DaPopster

    [quote comment=”637569″]And then Karl ran across the REAL nude pictures of Paris Hilton.[/quote]
    How about his wife and daughters ??

  • chainstay

    “Oh how I remember back in the day, before I went Sweden and had the surgery. Damn, I was hot!”

  • junkman

    riff raff hitting the new magenta site?

  • Sammy

    Gambling Mac 😡

  • Dee Bag

    Me in the year 2045

  • Josh

    Not even a brand new mac can prevent old people from getting porn viruses.

  • Mark

    I never knew video poker could be this much fun.

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