26 thoughts on “Caption Time #286

  1. :wtf: A smile would go a long way toward reaching their objective… and showing a little cleavage wouldn’t hurt either. πŸ˜›

  2. A. Some judge went creative on their ass when he sentenced them for Prostitution. OR
    B. It’s an initiation prank for a sorority.
    Either way they don’t look happy to be there, wherever ‘there’ is. Wherever ‘there is’ there is an incredibly large speaker set in the background. CRANK IT UP! BLOW ME AWAY, or just blow me.

  3. If I give you money, will you promise to go far, far away ?? – – – – and it’s your mess, so flush the damn gene pool on your way out, will ya !!

  4. Evidently, the definition of “Pretty” in Uzbekistan is somewhat different than in the rest of the civilized world. I do question why they are targeting English speaking tourists.

  5. I tried raising money like that, but I couldn’t stand being in heels all day long! I liked the dress, though… :wang:

  6. I never thought the economy would affect the “ladies of the night”
    so badly! They qualify for Obama’s “Pore Whore Corps” stimulus plan. :limp: 😈 πŸ‘Ώ

  7. As for the link of the day, how many of you actually tried moving your mouse over the ‘slide to unlock’ in the picture to see if they really would? πŸ˜›

  8. [quote comment=”632862″]They wanted money, but with those long faces they couldn’t get dick.[/quote]
    is why they went ahead and just asked for the money… they couldn’t get dick

  9. Currently $64,000 in student loan debt, Dawn suddenly realizes that a Masters degree in Performance Art may not have been such a wise decision after all.

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