24 thoughts on “Caption Time #277

  1. That guy looks like one of those muppets where the mouth opens all the way around the head.

    “hey baby, after this photo let me show you my flip top head!” 😯

  2. Isn’t that the old lady from earlier in the week in a much earlier photo? I mean before her husband died of radiation burns he achieved trying to get that ‘all over’ bake?
    Anyone else see that canned tan crap on the bottom of his shorts? What a loser!

  3. talk about a shit eating grin……..he’s so full of shit he’s bursting at the seams! did someone photoshop her head on? why do i think i knew them? :geek:

  4. Amazing what steroids and four gallons of tanning gel will make a useless couple look even more useless
    is her bikini line showing and who cares
    both of their eyes look like ttwo p***holes in the snow

  5. Damn-it Steve.

    The first thing I thought of was Steroid Barbie meets Planet of the Apes.

    Then I saw your Barbie comment. 😛

  6. Wasn’t cast in the last Planet of the Apes movie…he was the one that didn’t require any makeup.

  7. Bwaahahahahaahahahaaaaaaaa! Farking hell, I just spat coffee all over my work desk…….

    Unbelievable, truly,

    Unco- ordinated tan lines.
    Bronzer gone mad.
    Evil grin
    Loose shirt
    Idea in head
    Exit stage left
    Very strong man
    A Class Idiots!
    Barbie blown up
    Let my eyes go
    Exit stage right

  8. I see London, I see France; 😆

    I see….



    Is it normal these days to show off your mons veneris in public?


    I must be spending too much time indoors.
    Or not enough, it appears…? 😕

  9. K I have heard of getting things bronzed including deceased loved ones but I am pretty sure they are supossed to be dead first.

  10. She’s not that bad looking……As for her crispy friend…

    “How can I smile like this? I said golden-brown not deep-fried.”

    This is when I’m glad to be a gamer/3rd shift Wal-Mart Vampire… Sure, I go to the state parks here in Indiana, but I never…eeeeeeeever get like that. The worst tan I ever get is the “Driver’s Side Tan”, you know, what you get by hanging your arm out the window while driving in the summer. This…this looks like a order from KFC. 2 breasts and 4 thighs, extra crispy. Maybe my KFC math is off alittle, but that should cover it. Me, I usually just order the 2 breasts. I can’t resist a good pair.


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