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  1. But Mommmeee, he said he’d give me a quarter if I touched it! 😛

  2. Faye

    :wang: LOLOLOL! That photo reminds me of Herbert from Family Guy!

  3. Drusky

    Looks like Tina Fey didn’t ‘stay the inter-course’ when fixing McCains domestic issue… :wang:

  4. Rufnkdnme

    Looks like McCain is going for both the women’s and black vote.

  5. Heidi

    “ok, Sweet heart, run and play over there……Mommy needs to do something for me.”

  6. McCain’s pose reminds me of Bill the Cat from the cover of the Bloom county book Billie & the Boingers Bootleg. All that’s missing is the hair and the tongue.

  7. Okay honey, let Mommy show you how to talk into the microphone.

  8. McCain doing his best Grampa Simpson impression: “Death!”

  9. Girl – “Mommy, he said he wanted to show me a giant Tootsie Roll.”

    Sarah Fey…er…Palin – “Don’t worry dear, if we get elected, he shouldn’t last much longer, he’s about 200 years old now anyway.”

    Leslie McCain…er…John McCain – “OH MY GOD, there’s Obama, and his is STILL bigger than mine.”


    There’s McCain doing his Leslie Nielsen impression, pointing at Barack Obama from across the room and yelling, “Hey O.J., remember me. I did some kinda Naked Gun movies with ya!!!”

    Sarah had to explain to her daughter that the man over there wasn’t O.J. Simpson, it was the next President if they didn’t get Grandpa John back to the bus to get him his memory pills. And no O.J. is not related to Homer but Grandpa John might be(Kudos to ya StevieC)

    I’ll think of some more cause if this man might replace Pres. Boy George, he needs a good schlacking and verbal stedging……and even if he doesn’t…… 👿 👿 👿

  10. Chris S

    Come on kid… I told you that after I rammed my fist through your mom’s skull, you had to shout out, “FATALITY!!!” Now for your punishment you have to eat this special lollipop here….

  11. patrick

    “Mommy, I learned where babies come from today. First the boy takes his penis out then he puts in the girl’s mouth”.
    “No, sweetie. That’s where jewelry comes from.” 😉

  12. Flash Gordon

    [quote comment=”416517″]But Mommmeee, he said he’d give me a quarter if I touched it!

    LOL! Glad to see you haven’t lost your touch , babe! :thong: :wang: 😮 ❗

  13. Lake Effect

    That’s the happiest I’ve seen him in a long time. :wang: ❗ 😯 😉 ❗

  14. Now Palin, lets not have a repeat of this Bristol business, Ive got this…microphone…here, show her how not to have a baby!!!


    You dont know either?!

    nope. Better call Obama.

  15. see? i’ve told you all along that republicans suck!!! :wang:

  16. Jim S.

    Family values at their finest!!

  17. Flash Gordon

    [quote comment=”416537″]see? i’ve told you all along that republicans suck!!! :wang:[/quote]
    Yes, they do—donkey dongs. 👿 😈 :wtf:

  18. At his age, I’m surprised he can even get it up. 😯 :limp:

  19. Spud

    Heyyyyyyyyyy! look at that! now look at this!

  20. Hmmm…. seems Palin is showing her daughter just how to satisfy the electoral college. Guess one knocked up daughter is not enough! 😳

  21. Da Popster

    I will be REAL happy when this election is finally over, rither way it doesn’t bode well for us but at least it’ll be over ……………

  22. junkman

    [quote comment=”416533″]wow[/quote]
    wow? wow wut? that the little girl has a horrible case of burgeoning black throat mike disease and they’re too busy with their dead end campaign to notice or apply bag balm to the afflicted area to help her?

  23. julesOdeNile

    [quote comment=”416547″]So much for polling the electorate.[/quote]
    ERECTORATE……?!? 😯

  24. julesOdeNile

    I get him now. When wood is achieved who cares where you are? you just have to call a small party. And if a sweet little girl brought you wood who are you to discriminate? it’s all about family values, right? (hat’s off Jim S)

    the moral of this story: when you hit the golden years Wood is Gold!

  25. Drusky

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a John McCain? :wang:

  26. Paul Perton

    McCain; Republican hopeful?

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