37 thoughts on “Caption Time #249

  1. The dangers of home electronics and the morons who use them… What were they thinking in the 50’s, letting people use modern gadgets like space heaters.

  2. Now,if she had been wearing JUST a thong like the rest of the Zilla Girls, this wouldn’t have happened…. :thong:

  3. Since nothing else had worked, Biff was hoping that the old ‘heater trick’ would finally get Suzy to rip her dress off… πŸ˜‰

  4. if you were a virgin at (his age) you’d also try anything if only to catch a glimpse of a real life cameltoe, fo when you eat it in the evenings. photos just do do it no mo! :knickers:

  5. An Indian public education booklet instructing newlywed husbands on how to deal with a smaller dowry than promised.

    (Don’t forget to remove any valuable headscarves or jewelry before striking the match!)

  6. Dave’s medical office has some weird-ass magazines in the waiting room.

    I don’t think I want to see fig. 167

  7. for a minute there it looked like she was fanning the flames! i was like “freaking hell! this damsel-in-distress thing has gone too far!” 😑

  8. who can eat 166 figs? is this some sort of joke? why is spider sense coming out of a fan? can she burn the gay with her skirt? who can stand on their toes like this? can these toes slit (slip) our throats? why have the flames from her skirt caught the blanket on fire in straight lines up each side? why do i ask these questions? wtf is up wit me? πŸ˜•

  9. oh caption time…….honey my va…hoo…hoo is so hairy back from the olden days that it prematurely combusted without the benefit of your match stick. BUT THANKS FOR NOT COMING IN TIME. plethoric pubic hair like logs of wood? can’t see the gump (forest) for the trees? fucking friction? do we know what that is yet from back then in the day? is that john mccain rushing in to put out a not-ever-vice-presidents daughter’s wandering fire cunt? uh…well…..captions may not be good today either…….does anyone drink alot of booze out there? that may be the problem i’m having connecting with the public……um…today?

  10. [quote comment=”414422″]“Fire in the hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”[/quote]
    yep. ah do believe another drinker communekates more effectiflike.

  11. Peggy Sue is wearing a halter top with a flared skirt but yet she’s standing in front of a heater that appears to be sitting in the middle of the floor. Is it possible it is a cooling fan and it just got overheated because it was blowing wind up her skirt for a long period of time. And Johnny Boy comes running in with the blanket thinking he was going to get laid when he walks in and realizes instead he’s got to put out the fire! πŸ˜›

  12. is the name peggy a result of men having a meat peg? again i’m having a bad day. liquid lunch did not enhance performance. although i can still last all night in case anyone was worried. time to shut-up now. is there a dash in shutup? be quiet. will you please be quiet?

  13. i should have said “wandering cunt fire” not “wandering fire cunt” before. i don’t know where my manners OR priorities are at. please don’t hate me for that. i’m so fucking sorry. life is confusing enough without this kind of thing happening. does without have a dash? by the way if she’s a red head please ignore this.

  14. Nothing like cuddling under a warm blanket while sitting around the fire…

    Oh, and Dave….

    ‘OPA!’ πŸ˜†

  15. [quote comment=”414159″]*for when you *beat it… (damn sticky keyboard!) :evil:[/quote]
    [quote comment=”414160″]photos just *don’t do it… (AAARRGGGGHHH!!!!!) :evil:[/quote]

    I don’t think any of us have to know why your keys are sticky…. Saran Wrap. NOT OVER THAT! Over your keyboard. Replace weekly.

    I only have one key that sticks. Letter “F”. Hmm… wonder why?

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