Caption Time #239

Caption Time #239

Spotted these two the other day. The “female” on the left actually changed her shirt out on the sidewalk. I nearly threw up. Apologies for the dirty window spots showing up.


  1. junkman

    hey an old joke…….whats the difference between a hoover and a harley? the position of the dirt bag! :puke:

  2. Can you say SEXY?

    Well, that’s okay. I can’t either. :puke:

  3. The thing is, when this guy refers to his ‘Hog’, will people know to which of his prize possessions he is talking about?

  4. Harley Davidson – helping ugly chicks get laid since 1903


    Only with a Harley can you ride a softail during the day and a hardtail at night.

  5. patrick

    The problem is, she thinks she’s still hot. Or that she was every hot. Odds are, never was.
    BTW, I didn’t know you could fit 20 lbs. of lard in a 10 lb. sack!

  6. Drusky

    We have ‘Street Vibrations’ here in Reno where the bikers come to show off and play. My favorite shirt seen being worn by a biker riding single is “If you can read this, then the stupid bitch fell off!”

  7. junkman

    [Comment ID #368163 will appear here] ya…and dave already saw both of her “hogs” so there shouldn’t be any confusion when it comes to talking about those prized possessions either.

  8. nuilogad

    My question is, what is all over the camera lens? Did she pop a zit when cinched her top on?

  9. Drusky

    All that laced back is going to do is make her look like she had a run in with a Webber BBQ when she peels off that top. 😈

  10. That bustier makes her back-fat look like play-dough. :wtf: :puke:

  11. patrick

    Why is “Muff Diving Snorkle Club” unfortunate? I love muff diving. Fortunately, I’ve never felt the need to use a snorkle, either for depth or stench. “Nuthin’ says lovin’ like munchin’ on a muffin, and Pillsbury says it best” (my variation on an old commercial). It ain’t easy bein’ me, but it is interesting. If you wake up the next day and you DON’T look like a glazed doughnut, you didn’t have a good time.

  12. Spud

    I wonder what the tattoo says, the one on her lower back, you know it’s there, you were just afraid to admit it weren’t you?

  13. Timm

    Uh-Oh, She’s looking over her shoulder, she sees the camera. So, Just how badly did SHE beat you up? One black eye, or two? 🙂

  14. I think she stole that corset from Tim Curry when she lost the role in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. :wtf:

  15. Flash Gordon

    Paul Revere and his moll getting ready to saddle up and warn that the British
    are coming? 😛 😳 🙄 😕

  16. Jessie

    :wtf: :puke: :dead:

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