Caption Time #209

Caption Time #209

Image via Chris Z.

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  1. “Vanity Fair brings you bras so sheer you can see a woman’s rectangular tits!” 😛 :boob: :boob:

  2. Brooklyn R.

    It’s “Tune in Tokyo” on a much bigger scale.

    Plus, subliminal advertising for pasties. :boob: :boob:

  3. I like a hot blonde with rectangular shadow nipples as much as the next guy or gal but check out this chicks right hand. It looks like it belongs on one of those aliens from the movie Signs, Those are some freakishly long fingers and thumb…I’d still bone her but I’m just sayin.

    I also wonder if that shadow in the bottom right ever made it up to the Y :thong:

  4. Lake Effect

    Looks like another one is gonna goose her in about an hour. :undies: :wang:

    Let there be lights.

  5. Spud

    or ‘Shadow boxing’.

  6. julesOdeNile

    I thought it was an add for bras that come with tongs to stuff back the girls when they pop out as busty broads laugh and heeve!

  7. Janet watched Jerry stare out the window, again. Watched him check his watch, nod. And note his observations in his notebook.

    See, Jerry was compiling a sun dial to tell time and season, from the shadows on the billboard’s .. tits. Why Jerry needed a notebook to tell this is the second week in August – OK, even Janet would say that was pretty obvious. Watching the shadow track across the nips .. it certainly distracted enough of her male, and a few female, clients. Thank goodness Vanity Fair was replacing the poster every second month. Maybe the next one wouldn’t track across the nips or the clit, like the last one.

    “OK, Galileo, back to work! Your massage in #3 is waiting, and even if she is fat, do *not* skimp on the ‘happy ending’ again. Her husband called to complain three times last week.” And Janet turned to greet the next customer (looking over his shoulder) as he entered Janet’s Rub Down.

  8. Chris S

    ….now in THIS image you see the size of her breasts BEFORE the operation shaded in grey rectangles.

  9. Chris S

    NEW from Vanity Fair… nipple cover earrings! Never worry about your nipples unexpectedly jumping out in public again. Just wear these lovely, long, dangling earrings that rest comfortably over your nipples thereby keeping them firmly in place. No more embarrassing moments at the dentist’s office, the supermarket, or church banquets caused by unexpected nipple flyout. Available in a variety of colors and styles. (Basic shadow grey model shown here.)

  10. Looks like windshield wipers for Boobs! :boob: :boob:
    I need some of those when I go jogging in the rain! 😆

  11. Jay Laverdure

    Yokohama, summer of 1989, sweating my ass off in 92- degree heat & 90%-humidity: I took a break from pretending to work for a living and opened up a Japanese magazine featuring a brand-new product:


    A specialty product for women who wish to wear ultra-sheer bras or go ‘commando’, but don’t want it possible for their nipples to be visibly outlined through their shirts!

    I must say, I was surprised & amazed:

    Surprised they never heard of dust tape, for one;
    Amazed that I never heard a single comment from any
    of my Japanese friends about one of their own products
    being called a “Nip”!

  12. Jay Laverdure

    Duct tape- DUCT tape- Duct, duct, duct…

  13. [Comment ID #217721 will be quoted here]

    I’ve never heard of dust tape either, Jay. 😛

  14. avalon67

    divine censorship?

  15. Flash Gordon

    You can git anything you want
    At Alice’s Restauraunt (sic). :wang: :wang: :thong:

  16. julesOdeNile

    dust tape, dude?

  17. julesOdeNile

    OOOOH! DUST TAPE! you can either throw in in their eyes, or wrap it so their SITE is impaired. :wtf:

  18. julesOdeNile

    OOOOH! DUST TAPE! you can either throw it in their eyes, or wrap it so their SITE is impaired. :wtf:

  19. Lake Effect

    I’ve always had trouble getting tape to stick on unclean surfaces…Dust Tape is gonna make you millions!! Put me down for a case right now!!

  20. Drusky

    The billboard must have been put up in Utah where even the bras have to have pasties covering them…

  21. Drusky

    The billboard must have been put up in Utah where even the bras have to have pasties covering them…

  22. [Comment ID #218284 will be quoted here]

    In answer to both of your posts (kinda squirrely tonight, aren’t we luv) … would you believe Primm, Nevada? :kiss:

  23. Rem

    This model had work done in another country ,and her nipples were not implanted properly.

  24. Drusky

    [Comment ID #218372 will be quoted here]
    Well, I WAS talking about pasties… 😛

  25. Drusky

    [Comment ID #218372 will be quoted here]
    Besides, I’m in Northern Nevada and don’t have alot to do with the ‘Southerners’ (other than send them our water, power, politicians, etc., etc…) 👿

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