Caption Time #192

Caption Time #192

Iamge via Mandy L.

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  1. zinta

    What the hell is up with the guy in the back… it looks like he just saw a demon.

    I’d sure like to see what the hell she is doing in the bottom part of this scene.

  2. Come on, shake your body baby, DO THE F@!%*IN’ CONGA!


  3. AnnieB

    Those must be some really smelly armpits! :wtf:

  4. Chris S

    At the South Carolina state talent show while doing her famous Jenny McCarthy impersonation, this contestant… much to the dismay of one of the judges…actually sharted. Final score: 6.8

  5. Spud

    1 2 3

    Flip :boob: :boob:


  6. Cindy

    That guy in the background looks like he just noticed she has a big tail (and I don’t mean junk in the trunk–a genuine, wagging, happy-to-see-you kind of tail)!

  7. StevieC

    She’s just been stedged by the varsity football team and the evidence is still dripping out her backside.

    The song they’re dancing to is called “Stedging” …

    Stedge it DaveZilla,
    But don’t stedge too fast
    If my stuff ain’t tight enough,
    you can stedge it up my ass

  8. bobo

    [Comment ID #199352 will be quoted here]

    You’re so on the money.

  9. junkman

    my shadow better be following me! i’d hate to think i wasted a perfectly good bar of soap on my green slippers.

  10. I think he just saw something dangling. :limp:

  11. Judy arrived home from her Prom date with a considerable load of alcohol brightening her mood. Disheveled but apparently still clothed, she proudly flourishes her key for her chastity belt. Little Jimmy, her date for the evening, didn’t fully understand this ‘virtue intact’ encounter at Judy’s door. Instead of a lengthy grope-and-face-sucking interlude, here was Judy’s Dad, shotgun in hand!

    And *what* had Judy’s Uncle Dick just shoved into Little Jimmy’s butt!?!

  12. patrick

    OMG bitch you shoulda wore something with straps to cover that gawd awful birth mark! It looks like a buffalo puked on your back! :puke:

  13. junkman

    “avoid the shock of static cling by moistening the charged area.”

  14. StevieC

    [Comment ID #199362 will be quoted here]

    It looks like static isn’t the only thing that’s clinging. :wtf:

  15. Drusky

    Who says the living dead can’t party, too?

  16. Alucard, son of Dracula, shrieks in fear of seeing the one bright dress reminding him of the Sun……

  17. Bjorn Freeh

    That string around her wrist… I think I figured out what the other end is tied to.

  18. [Comment ID #199369 will be quoted here]

    “It’s the new Date Lanyard, just tie one end around your date’s :wang:, and you will never lose him……Warning: hard tugs lead to bad nights, like in this ad.”

  19. Latest Poll: If it’s a MERCY killing, does that then make it right?

  20. Brooklyn R.

    “Oh my god! I think I just farted! Here comes another one!”

  21. Chris

    Susan still had enough time to pose for a picture while she ran from the possessed pedifile.

  22. MRDOUG

    Cousin Billy was shocked to see his 1/2 sister pull her IUD on the dance floor.

    Billy finds out why they kept calling “her” his Uncle Dave

  23. The Sultan of Cleavland thought he had another ho to add to his stable, but Heather decided to leave a steamer during his lap dance.

  24. Cousin Katie had fallen for the old “pull my finger” trick too many times. She decided that she would turn it around on the guys by saying “touch my tittie”. She unfortunately had forgoten about the broccoli & asparagus she had for lunch.

  25. Beeker goes Berserk and reaches for a lewd and lascivious conviction.

  26. Flash Gordon

    Her left pit looks as though it is growing
    digits. :wtf: :wtf: πŸ™

  27. Randy

    Thought bubble for the guy in the background: Ò€œMaybe she will think this hideous purple birthmark on my face is a red wine stainÒ€

  28. “I told you I drive them mad…” πŸ˜†

  29. StevieC

    [Comment ID #199396 will be quoted here]

    Road trip!!!! 😈 :wang:

  30. Yucca

    Wow,everytime I touch her right boob her hair rises and I belch like freakin’ crazed banshee…watch, I’ll do it again.

  31. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #199373 will be quoted here]

    So I guess one could ask: “If it’s a mercy fuck, does that then make it right?”

  32. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #199373 will be quoted here]
    Astryd – You have forced me to think seriously for a few minutes. What, exactly, do you mean by “right”? For example, perhaps you are familiar with a certain scene in the film The Sand Pebbles? Would you consider that right? Or are you thinking of something like the end of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest? Or are you thinking of a nurse somewhere helping someone along who is in a persistant vegetative state? I LOVE you and am just wondering. BWD

  33. Mandy

    night of the living dead 7: ghouls gone wild!!

  34. “Local retard wins a date with a local crazy ho.” πŸ˜›

  35. “Or are you thinking of a nurse somewhere…”
    I’m sorry, what was the question? The nurse distracted me. 😈
    Think, Zillagirlz dressed in nurse outfits in an old folks home aiding in assisted suicide by pleasure overload…(heart attack)

    Now I have to see The Sand Pebbles but I like the nurse example of my expression…maybe cuz of the nurses dancing in my brain. 😈

    Mercy fuck-selfless act of engaging in sexual intercourse with someone (other than oneself) that would normally not have a chance in hell with you, usually kept anonymous exponentially increasing the “good deed” factor. Public service. Therefore, Yes, It is right.

    …can Public Servant go on my resume? If so, how specific do I have to be on the job description.

    [Comment ID #199399 will be quoted here]
    I’m there baby! BTW: FYI I’ve been perfecting my gag reflex tolerance… 😈 All for the good of mankind (and nymphos alike)!

  36. acehole

    she has red wings πŸ™ ❓ :dead: :puke: :puke: :puke:

  37. Drusky

    [Comment ID #199553 will be quoted here]
    Gag reflex… Let me guess… your’s is triggered by tickling your feet? πŸ˜› 😈 :wang:

  38. jewel-o-de-nile

    [Comment ID #199369 will be quoted here]

    am with you on this one!!!!

  39. My teeth are so perfect! Now watch me scare the shit out of this zombie sneaking up behind me!

  40. Damn, I haven’t gone on a road trip all summer!

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