Caption Time #121

Caption Time #121

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  1. OMG… someone is gonna be in serious trouble… and I doubt that it would be the kids!

  2. Patrick

    I’m pretty sure that he who took the photo is NOT he who owns the house and/or tv, otherwise he would be taxin’ that ass, not taking any damned photographs! That sure looks like a latex paint bucket to me. Holy Crap, somebody’s in trouble with a capitol T!
    RE: Demons devouring the blah blah blah- I guarantee that numbskull is going to be arrested within the next six months for getting a blow job from a teen-aged boy while parked on a side street in the cheap part of town! And I’m giving odds!

  3. Anita Mann-Badley

    Well, they’re all in white… but they’re being photographed. Must not be MiniDaves.

  4. Drusky

    Yup, these kids have a future in politics… So young and they’ve already learned how to whitewash everything…

  5. Drusky

    [Comment ID #68321 will be quoted here]

    Yes, the person in trouble would be the father who was in the other room making a video ranting about ‘Demons Devouring Innocents…’

  6. “oh my god” pretty much says it all. “holy sh!t” is another religious term modern christains might use. :wtf:

  7. Tina Marie

    [Comment ID #68330 will be quoted here]

    More like “What a bunch of shit!” What’s next? Demons that possess hordes of women, forcing them to stop shaving their legs and buy comfortable shoes in support of the lesbian movement?

  8. Meagan

    “We’re almost done painting the floor, Dad. Just five more cans of paint and a hose and we’re done.”

  9. The paint adds that special touch to the tv 😳

  10. Zinta

    Ok Ma… get the gun… we can make more kids.

  11. LOL… You walk in, you see this mess and the first thing you do is go and grab a camera!!

  12. Craig

    “You said be more creative!”

  13. Pappy

    [Comment ID #68359 will be quoted here]

    I think that says it all. Damn kids. :wtf:

  14. This is why I’m glad we bought that microfiber couch set. It’s specially treated so that most stains can be wiped right out with a damp cloth. It’s guaranteed against permanent staining from bodily fluids, juice, ice cream, and all of those icky things. Just the material to have when you have a toddler at home like I do.

    However, I came home once to find my son sitting on the couch pouring out a bottle of nail polish, the ONE THING that won’t come out of the fabric!

  15. A surfing song comes to mind:
    Heheeheeheeheeheehee! White out!

  16. [Comment ID #68337 will be quoted here]

    Sorry I didn’t make it to church, I was too busy learning witchcraft and becoming a lesbian.

    (except, I’m not a lesbian, my Dear Hubby wouldn’t approve…much)

  17. JFLY

    Are these the demons that guy was referring to?

  18. Meagan

    “Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn! I told you to whitewash the fence not the floor!”

    I’m thinking of building a homosexual scarecrow to distract that Jesus dude… just for fun.

  19. carl

    If you cant take care of it, we just wont leave the paint in your room.

  20. nanette

    Does this mean we won’t be getting the security deposit back when we move out of this apartment? πŸ˜•

  21. alaskan_passion

    uuuuuuummmmmmmmmm SHIT!!!!! I have to clean this…………………..DONT THINK SO! Wheres your FATHER!!!!! :wtf:

  22. alaskan_passion

    did anyone notice that they only painted mom and dads toys. Not their own πŸ™„ πŸ™„
    Im thinkin there was a method behind the madness πŸ˜›

  23. Julie

    Where in the heck were the parents of these kids???This obviously took more than a minute to accomplish…and nobody realized what they were doing? I wonder if their city offers parenting classes.

  24. Flash Gordon

    The Mexican baby-sitter was watching Vicente Fox on the telly. She will blame
    the mess on Homo evil spirits. Jesus told her so. πŸ™„ πŸ˜• πŸ‘Ώ 😈

  25. Spud

    Is that not a sheet up on the wall behind the Tv?



  26. No, see, they painted themselves white as well as they could. Folks, these are obviously practicing Lukumíans…

  27. JFLY

    The Menedez brothers?

  28. JFLY

    Oops…typo…but you know what I meant:

    The Menendez Brothers

  29. Timm

    [Comment ID #68448 will be quoted here]

    You’d be amazed at what a 3 year old could do. Just ask my mother.

    On 2nd thought, don’t ask my mother, she’ll then tell you what I did at 5,7,10,14,17,19 and 22

  30. Derek

    Mom a man came by and said we are the White Devils. πŸ‘Ώ

  31. Paige

    You can tell who is the guilty one. Look at the smile on the older kids’face!!!

  32. “I didn’t do it.”
    “Mommy, have you seen the cat?”

  33. This picture makes my uterus collapse onto itself.

    Babies + Paint = Death

  34. Zeke

    but mommy, i thought you’d be happy. youre always saying theres nothing on tv.

  35. Mjaz

    The sad reality is that someone thought this was “cute”. Jeez. Is it any wonder that kids today are totally screwed up? Then again, what do I expect from whichever “responsible adult” left children alone long enough to do something like this?

    Sorry I couldn’t think of any funny comment. I’ll try harder next time.

  36. Mandy

    [Comment ID #69001 will be quoted here]

    LOL! OMG I almost peed myself πŸ˜€

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