Caption Time #120

Caption Time #120

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  1. cbatdux

    Cat in the Hat…box?

  2. cbatdux

    Packing facility for 1-800-Pussy4U

  3. Spud



    Let’s box!


  4. Who’d have thought crazy glue and tender vittles could be so much fun! Now, where did I put that weed whacker?? 👿

  5. Meagan

    Orange cat: “Geez, I didn’t think our litter boxes stank that much!”
    Brown cat: “Like they’d even bother to clean them!”
    Cat in the back: “Ooooh, I don’t feel so good. I think I ate some bad tuna.”

  6. djembe er

    this isnt even funny you suck dave

  7. The lines at the port-a-potties were super long at the Stray Cats concert.

  8. Teenage dork to his father: “I’ve heard it called a pussy, I’ve heard it called a box……how in the hell do you get a cat in that kind of box?”

    Father to his son: “Let me show you this picture I found.”


  9. After long months of teaching them to fend for themselves, the taxidermist finally decided to release his charges into the wild.

  10. Anna

    Noah’s first concept-boats being tested. These eventually were not accepted as THE mode of transportation during the flood.

  11. Nicholle

    Canadian Boxing Day? 😆

  12. cbatdux

    Cat boxing?!!!

    What next, cat juggling?

  13. Mandy

    “Quiet! We’re on pussy patrol.”

  14. Mandy

    Also, Dave? That video is way to freaky for Monday morning. :wtf:

  15. Marcus

    [Comment ID #67575 will be quoted here]
    Cat…. box…. the cat in the box… ????? Doesn’t work, but nice try. Dr. Suess was a master.

    The video reminds me of “Night of Fire”. The bald man is scary, but not as scary as the man in the santa suit.

  16. Da Popster

    Woohoo …………. Box Lunches and todays’ is pussy !!!
    Lighten up djembe er.

  17. Patrick

    It’s a civic works program designed to provide public toilets to homeless kitties!

    Those poor bastards in that video must be ashamed to pick up their checks. Wait they don’t get checks, they get potatoes. But surprise, we have no potatoes this week. Corny as it sounds- God bless the USA! If we want to dress up and make asses of ourselves on national television we don’t have to sing about the motherland. You can sing about expensive cars you don’t really own and imaginary girlfriends you’re not really having sex with and jewelry that still has the price tags on it because it’s going back to the store after the video shoot! 😛

  18. Zinta

    In the military we had a lot of box lunches like this.

    Oh.. and that video… disturbing cross between Russian disco and Aliens from another world… I knew they were here.

  19. Bjorn Freeh

    The 1st annual Rodent Extreme Games begins with the slalom skateboarding event. Pity the mouse who takes a gate too close…

  20. franklito

    the outdoor litter box. who wouldve ever thought of something so un useful. im sure the cat would find a place to go.

  21. stillatello

    it’s the kitty cat barrio!! 😀

  22. FISH

    Unable to invent the wheel, the first all cat soap box derby was an complete failure

  23. mikeme

    NEW! INSTA CAT!!! Just add Cat litter! :mrgreen: :wtf:

  24. Becky

    Outdoor catbox?…….outdoor outbox?…….boxpussy?

  25. NEW Chinese Dunkaroos, now in three mouth-watering flavors! How do you do your Dunkaroos?

  26. Ace

    “Mr. Binks, why the hell did you think this was going to be fun?”
    “Got a better idea Schnookums?”
    “You’re an idiot”

    [Comment ID #67641 will be quoted here]

    A “Night of fire” and “I want ot love you tender” mix. All foreign disco sounds the same to me now, like crap.

  27. greyoutlook

    kitty litter?

  28. dougieace

    ive seen the epoxy the cat in the box and get your camero up to 80 game before.for those of you who havent,the third one in the back is on deck.

    the link is terrifying,though it has a good beat and you can dance to it.i suspect that bastard putin is behind this.

  29. Moral of the story: The race is not for the swift, but for the cat who can endure 🙂

  30. First, it was the Kennedy assassinations. Then, it was Watergate. After that, Oklahoma City, the Twin Towers and Iraq.

    The end is nigh. There are not enough boxes for all the cats in the world. Someone better tell Charlie Sheen!

  31. Driver

    As Jose prepaired to smuggle his cats to america he realized he needed bigger box’s or stronger tape .

  32. Mjaz

    What happens when Ghengis Khan and the 3 Musketeers get together for a fun evening? That satin is sure klassy!

  33. Timm

    This is the testing grounds for TidyCat cat litter Research & Development. New formulae of litter is placed in closable boxes. The cats are fed Tuna burrito and bean cat food and then set loose in the field. After use, The boxes are then Fed-EXed to the laboratory. Being outdoors means ventilation is unnecessary

  34. Drusky

    What a video… I had wondered if Yul Brenner and the Bee Gee’s would EVER get together…

  35. Cat transportation. What we don’t know is that these are their spaceships home.

  36. Paul

    I liked it better when we could “GO” in private… Now we have to “GO” in public… 🙄

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