Caption Time #105

Image sent in by everyone

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94 thoughts on “Caption Time #105

  1. I’d think of a caption if I only stopped shuddering at the sight of that wrinkled perv.

    That is the creepiest, most disturbing thing I have seen on the internet. Aaaaaaugh. :dead:

  2. I thought the horrible image of Jon Lovitz in his pajamas and house shoes was bad…this…this….this is an indescribable terror…now I think I need a “Night of Fire” with the flaming sumo and the Hinoi Team…maybe HE can burn the images out of my head…

    Thank you Dave…thank you very much for giving me nightmares tonight…I will remember this……….Mwah ha ha ha haaaaa!!!!!………………………???…well I will remember this as soon as I get this terrifying image out of my head…

    This officially beats the clown lady in starbucks…

  3. i know that guy last week he bought a galen tub of lub and a rubber sheet i know that he would surfice agen. life as a clerk in a porn shop!!! πŸ™„

  4. hahhahahhaahaha ok seriously, i’m nearly in tears,not only do you have a pic of my dad in his finest moment, but you also include a link to my favorite land claim site even indians can’t buy that (out of line? maybe). you people are my heroes. whoever is responsible, i give you my undying gratitude as well as my insurmountable disgust. i won’t sleep tonight .

    I’m tellin Grummuh what Grummpuhs’ been doin with her good decorations when he havin his quiet time. 😳

  6. Is this the trailer for Brokeback Mountain Part 2
    Billy reveales he never really felt for Ed what he felt for Miss Piggy

  7. HarryÒ€ℒs live-in friend, Virgil: Ò€œI snapped this photo of Harry when he responded to my request to straighten that sheet beneath him, least he leave a skid mark on our new sofa.Ò€

  8. [Comment ID #40518 will be quoted here]
    Wow! Exactly what I was thinking. Terrifying. πŸ˜†
    It’s just a jump to the left…. I used to go to the Picture Show every Friday. 8)

    Free Piece of Land.. Hmmm. Sounds like an email address collection scam.

    Happy Go For Broke Day! πŸ˜€

  9. Bhamm’s comment from the other day really applies to this photo.

    It puts on the lotion, or it gets the hose again. :wtf:

    Thanks Bhamm. Shakes hand and offers him some Tequila.

  10. If you look in the background you see the other animals have come to play… we all knew the new farmhand was a little strange but we never knew to what extent.

  11. What’s the big deal? What George W. Bush does while he plots to kill more American soldiers is his business. Stress relief is stress relief.

  12. Jimmy Carter certifies yet another third world election of a benevolent dictator.
    Then party’s till the cows come home. peace mitch

  13. If inflatable barnyard animals are outlawed, only outlaws will have inflatable barnyard animals.

  14. I didn’t know Kermit and Miss Piggy were still together? And when did Kermit become an old wrinkled white man? :wtf:

  15. I know that guy…he was at Woodstock sucking down all the high stuff he could find. Is he the posterboy for the 60’s?? :wtf: πŸ˜•

  16. [Comment ID #40564 will be quoted here]

    C’mon, Mandy, Fish doesn’t deserve that. He was lovable, even if his Barney Miller spinoff flopped around like a Vigota out of water.

  17. Oh Geez……I’m gonna be sick..Dave you really should screen these posts first! :puke:.Save the animals!

  18. And why is that person sitting on a towel!?……..Tell me that!…oh wait don’t tell me……..aarrgg! :puke:

  19. The only thing worst than this picture is the fact that someone was in the room at the time to take it. Unless of course, grandpa had the timer set. . . but still, why would this picture ever be taken?

  20. WTF!!!! LOL LOL LOL!!! Oh now I have seen it all. I think the caption would be like.

    “Yeah I’m stealing my Granddaughter’s sexy clothes but you know what. I look better at them than she does! Piss on you bitch!! Now leave me alone to my piggy lover! Suuuuey!!!!”

    Damn that was too funny and I needed a laugh! :mrgreen:

  21. Old MacDonald didn’t know how to break his secret to his family. Now they know why all day you can hear him going “e-i-e-i-oooooooooo”

  22. Damn you, J. Edgart! I told you to never take a picture of my until we were both dressed for the prdetty?

  23. Wee, doggies! I am now a certified land owner in the great state of Arkansas! So, Dave, look me up on your travels.

    Gawd, I’m a freakin’ land baron. Party at my place!

  24. [Comment ID #40620 will be quoted here]

    [Comment ID #40622 will be quoted here]

    You guys took all the good ones!!!! Totally gross and discusting… I love that in humor!!!!
    :puke: :puke:

  25. Bubba demonstrates how he and his college roommate, Dick Cheney, avoided serving in Vietnam.

  26. will timmy finlly got cought, and we thought he was just feedn them pigs. my brother n law well be shocked.

  27. Captions:

    “Now we all know what Dubya does in his free time…”

    “Dubya is showing all of us what he learned back home in Texas.”

    Try and get this image out of your head…
    “What is the piggy for, Mr. President?”
    “It’s the closest thing I could get to a plastic Dick Cheney”
    “Why would you WANT a plastic Dick Cheney?”
    “Well…he’s not here right now, so I thought I’d practice.”
    “Practice what, sir?”
    “My favorite free time activity, putting the ‘Dick’ in Dick Cheney!!!”
    “What about the cow, Mr. Bush?”
    “The cow? Oh the COW!!! Oh, that’s Mr. Ashcroft…and the sheep is Rumsfeld…we all like to have a foursome…”

    EnJoY… 😈

  28. #1: Bill Clinton reliving his glory days in the oval office…oh MONICA BAAA like a Sheep for me!
    #2: Further proof that the aging of the baby boomers is going to be pure hell on Gen X
    #3: Dad has never been happier since we moved him to the new nursing home
    #4: The DNC reveals it’s new campaign strategy promising a inflatable sheep in every home.

  29. [Comment ID #40642 will be quoted here]

    I thought that, in the tradition of the unicorns, that was Penis Bush. Imagine my embarrassment…

  30. [Comment ID #40518 will be quoted here]Thanks alot I’ve had the time warp song stuck in my head all day…alot of strange looks from my co-workers.

  31. This guy looks really upset. Maybe because he was forced into wearing that
    git-up, and put in an awkward position. πŸ˜• Anyway, I hope that when my husband gets that old, he will grow out of his fetish of wearing my lingerie, and beastiality. Also I hope that he will learn how to control his anger in a positive way. 😑 I hate it when he stretches out my new teddy!! πŸ‘Ώ

  32. OK One more….

    “In a super exclusive, on-line blogger “DAVEZILLA” obtained a copy of the photo the deputy press secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Brian Doyle, who was arrested on charges of using the Internet to try to seduce a 14-year-old girl, sent to her in an effort to get her to have sex with him”

    As creepy as it is it kind of looks like him. Worst of all the whole get up looks like it FITS him! :puke:

    Oh yea it’s Super Bush!
    Liberator of the oppressed
    Savior of the economy (hey it’s the economy stupid and it is kicking ass!)
    Jailer of those who would do harm to the US
    Destroyer of the Taliban (hey Mr. taliban….)
    Going boldly where his father never could (like Iraq & a second term…)
    Look up in the sky, it’s a bird. it’s a plane…
    No it’s SUUUUPPPPPERRRR BUSH!!!!!!!!

  33. [Comment ID #40638 will be quoted here]
    *shudder* i wont be able to sleep tonight
    “Jane finally figured out why the couch had so many stains”

  34. Thanks Bjorn

    If you order within the next ten minutes we’ll include…….

    Bearded Circus Grummuhs at no extra cost !!!

    [[ Warnning ]] B.C.G. VIDEO NOT SUITABLE FOR ANY HUMAN TO VIEW :puke: :limp:

  35. History today:

    “You see that gentleman over there?”
    “The one in the questionable attire?”
    “I see the aforementioned gentleman.”
    “That’s you that is, indulging in your wildest fantasies.”
    “I see. Do you see the plastic sheep in his lap?”
    “I do indeed.”
    “That’s your girlfriend.”

  36. Well, there *is* a positive side… at least he is using blow-up plastic versions instead of the real thing.

    And, there is one thing that worries me: what do you think he does with the cow udder?

  37. At least he put a sheet on the couch. This is so very bad zilla. Do we need a rating system for your posts?

  38. hey liza, just doing what I do best…corrupting people…now you know what I went through after I posted it…I will never be the same again…….ok….just kidding…

  39. That piggie…is it male or female? Somehow I get the feeling that it’s the former – nothing straight about that guy.

  40. ewww,gross, thats just wrong…looks like a cross between ” Rocky Horror Picture Show” and ” Deliverence”

  41. OMG!!!! Where do I begin??? Why would anyone want to screw an inflatable pigs when there are so many live ones out there?Why is Grandpa in fishnets??I think Im traumatized worse that I was before.(Put you hands on your hips. And bring your knees inside. Its a pelvic thrust that really drives you insaaaaane. Lets do the time warp again!!!!!)

  42. :wtf: Dave, you sure hang out with some weirdos. I think I saw something similar to this in the Mission Disctrict in San Francisco. :limp:

  43. This picture makes my girly bits slam shut. I can’t wait till it scrolls off the page. :dead:

  44. If he needs a plastic sheet on his couch, can you imagine the damage being done to our computers?! I don’t think Symantec covers THAT!

  45. eurrgggggh! wouldn’t want that pork sausage! :limp: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :wtf:

  46. Grandpa! what are u doing?? you know Grandma said those are only for special nights with her 😈 😈

  47. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF are you tring to do to me Dave? Is it even legal to post that? Think of the children. :puke: :dead:

  48. [Comment ID #42659 will be quoted here]

    Sorry, Princess. I was thinking of the children. It’s good to warp their little minds when young. 😈

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