All my nightmares rolled into one image

All my nightmares rolled into one image

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  1. Lake Effect

    Geez Dave…Keep your private life private.

  2. vagordon1

    Is this guy for real? Hopefully not a real recent photo.

  3. Flash Gordon

    Oh, I do despise clowns! Damnation, they are frightsome! ❗ 😈 🙁 :wtf:

  4. DaPopster

    Kinda scary Dave, got some things there that I’m not sure about. :wtf: However, one must be aware that what is one persons’ nightmare is another persons’ sweet dreams. Just some food for thought. 😈 👿 :wtf:

  5. Watch closely folks because I can only do this once. Nothing up my sleeve, Abrba Cadabra My IQ has just disapeared.

  6. or maybe

    Watch closely folks because I can only do this once. Nothing up my sleeve, Abrba Cadabra My fashion sense has just disapeared.

  7. Flash Gordon

    AnnieB’s ineffable cousin Throckmorton, Dabbler in the Arcane Arts. :wtf: :boobs: :wang: :kiss: 😳

  8. Hey kids, watch me pull a magic wand out of my pants.

  9. Drusky

    Looks like Starbucks started ‘local talent night’…

    “and for my next trick, watch me make myself disappear before my probation officer gets here…” 😈

  10. tina

    can’t sleep the clowns will eat me…..

  11. Check out that ninnyhammer! I bet he has a micropenis. :wtf: :limp:

  12. Bigwavdave

    Goofo The Inefficacious wiggles his ears for the camera. 😈

  13. Spud

    Why does everything look like it was made from bed linen or curtains? is this how magicians do it in the Ozark mountains or something?

    or following Pablo’s lead (our quiz obsessed amigo)…

    Abrba Cadabra ………… poof ………. a mime appears!


  14. It stands to reason that a person would post a picture of his worst nightmare on his website only if he were into self-flagellation. Uh, anything else you wanna share with us Dave?

    No Flash, that does not mean what you are thinking… 😛

  15. junkman

    i do believe this ninnyhammer is hiding a frenchified microphallus behind that clown blankie. for god’s sake lower your damned arm before that magic wand gets all maschalophylus and performs axillism in yer hircismus you bescumbered cacopygian fice (silent fart). :wtf:

    p.s. spud said “poof”.

  16. I often wonder what would have become of Stephen King if he had never learned to read or write.

  17. patrick

    The saddest part of all, he really thinks he’s cool! :puke:

  18. Why the hell is my comment still waiting moderation? I just said :wang: . Is that so bad?

  19. Flash Gordon

    [Comment ID #299414 will appear here]

    I’m, thinking Hardy’s, babe. :wang: :wang: 😈 :kiss:[Comment ID #299436 will appear here]

    It’s better than
    :limp: 😆

  20. Drusky

    [Comment ID #299436 will appear here]
    Something about ‘Putting your money where your mouth is’ comes to mind for some reason…


  21. junkman

    [Comment ID #299426 will appear here] he did?

  22. crazy

    Is that my ex boyfriend Dave? 😕

  23. Timm

    Oh No, it’s my 6th birthday party all over again! Mommy, make him go away, make him go away, Mommy!

    Oh, I’m sorry! It seemed to cause a flashback.

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