(Sorry, away at a convention. Pics to follow)


  1. Jack

    How dare you go someplace and leave us to suffer!

  2. Memphisbandman

    Remember “Men In Black,” when they shut the train station locker on those little people who worship J?

  3. Flash Gordon

    If it’s a Rastafarian convention Dave, you may not get back. :dead: 🙁 😳 :wtf:

  4. Lake Effect

    Hey…do you need a caddy?

  5. Drusky

    [Comment ID #350386 will appear here]

    Maybe he’d like a Honda, instead…

  6. [Comment ID #350491 will appear here]

    Perhaps a restored Mark IV?

  7. Timm

    Gee, I thought the Furrie’s convention in Detroit wasn’t until next week.

    😛 😀

  8. [Comment ID #351915 will appear here]

    And! The! Star! Trek! One! Isn’t! For! At! Least! A! Couple! Of! Weeks! After! That!

    • Captain! James! T! Kirk!
  9. [Comment ID #352391 will appear here]

    Definitely not the place to try and pick up a date for the evening ….

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