11 Replies to “Today’s Special”

  1. well sometimes there’s not alot to say……
    me: i would like your slab-o-chicken wrapped in two cod fillets please.
    it: do you realize i was just removed from the dryer filter out back?
    me: no i did not realize that. would you give me a fucking fish/chicken sammich and spare the fluff?
    it: you can’t blow me off like that. i know i only make $199 per week but it’s not as if i’m just some body!
    me: well you are dead to me. serve up the fish chicken samich post haste or you’ll be expectin no tip.
    it: ok asshole that will be 299.
    me: 299? is that a chip on your shoulder? (eyes chip hungrily)
    it: i’m giving YOU the brush off
    me: i’ve been hen pectin better places than this. long john’s not getting any silver tonight.

    p.s. there is a weird siamese jack-o-lantern hovering in top right hand corner and i would punch the guy who made the white house gingerbread thingy right in the face for no reason.

  2. hell of t dryer to make a corpse worth $199 must be drying out the fish and chicken
    I’ll have a dried out piece of fish and chicken and hold the pectin ’cause i’m not into preserving anything

  3. Fresh dry those dead relatives of yours, now in Mountain Air or Spring Fresh flavours! The secrets in the fabric softener! 😯

  4. Gotta be a low-end funeral director’s convention held in a fast food joint.
    And by the look of the titles, today’s talks are on:

    The Pallbearer’s Dream
    Why preserve your corpse when, with the right ingredients, you can make a corpse preserve!?!

  5. I guess this is pretty much the END to Davezilla… he post this a week ago and nothing since.

    Pretty much not worth coming here anymore.

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