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  1. fruf

    Both the baby and the boy are smiling..the baby in anticipation of milk and the boy in anticipation of breast feeding
    there are the girls standing 10 abreast
    must be a zillagirl convention
    Boy will be right leaning

  2. Cobe

    He’s smiling because he’s about to be swallowed up by a giant cleavage.

  3. He learned in school last week that if you stand too close to a bomb shell you might get exposed to some fallout.
    He’s eagerly waiting for the fall out.

  4. junkman

    looks like the kid hit the enlarge button on the photocopier yesterday ❗

  5. As they say in this country, “guata llena, corazon contento*” isn’t it obvious that he’s just had his turn at the old nozzle?

    *full tummy, contented heart — chilean expression.

  6. oh, and by the way, if you follow the link on the cornify page at the bottom you will find NIPPLE IT!

  7. Don

    He’s smiling because he is finely tall enough to look down cousin chesty’s short, and he’s hoping to get a taste or bury his face in them. But then what boy his age wouldn’t be smiling

  8. He’s thinking “One quick turn to the right and I’ll get cheek boob.” Remember when you were that age, guys walked around with their shirts untucked for a reason. Something tells me that he’s going to be sleeping on his back tonight.

  9. Bear

    He’s smiling because he is about to pinch her ass and when she jumps , he’s ready to see the boobs fall out…. i would trade places with him in a heartbeat

  10. Spud

    Why is he smiling?

    Why not good Sir?

  11. Damn, I keep coming back to look at that pic and I’m smiling! What can I say? Temps are below minus fucking freezing up here. The only skin we get to see outside are cheeks and noses. I’ve been working outside for the past 6 hours. I know that if I tried, I could shoot a load of ice cream right about now.

  12. janeeto

    Very nice, StevieC :twisted:! Hey, what happened to all the ‘good’ emoticons ❓

  13. For the last month, the kid has been tirelessly searching for the perfect place to park his mountain bike. THAT’S why he’s smiling.

  14. Patrick

    The father of all those big tittied sisters is probably in prison for shooting horny male suitors. The lone son is doomed to become gay. By the time he grows up he will have seen so many sets of boobs and trimmed beavers that they will no longer hold any fascination for him.

  15. chainstay

    It’s actually a grimace due to the pain/pleasure from the huge woodie he is sportin’
    Gonna’ go the nearest bathroom, find a nice quiet stall, and relieve some of that swelling.

  16. Gonna’ go the nearest bathroom, find a nice quiet stall, and relieve some of that swelling.

    Larry Craig or George Michael would probably be happy to help out with that.

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