13 thoughts on “If Baby Jesus Was Born in 2009

  1. If Baby Jesus was born in 2009, he wouldn’t have been born yet… it’s still only the 23rd! BUT technically, it has been pointed out that he was born mid summer, so he would have had his Vaccination already and be in the hands of CPS.

  2. Can anyone guess the original Shakespearean phrase?

    Only query whether people who chew a lot of bleeding? If people have some people in front of people died in the struggle, the excitement of our country and its people? How many bad people, I, or our vengeance?

  3. If J.C. were born today,he would’nt be born from a virgin because there are none.
    He would start life with a twitter account and his You Tube space would have millions of hits
    He might take one look and prefer to go back

  4. Apostle tweets during the life of Jesus:

    Supersizin loaves n’ fishz, LOL.
    JC loosin his sht in Jeruzlm Temple. Monylenrz blow, natch.
    JC walkn on watr! No photoshp swer 2 God!!!!
    Got soooo drnk at Kana weddng ysterdy.
    JC totly punkd by Judas. Suuucks dude.

  5. There’d be live news reports with helicopters circling the manger scene.

    PETA complains that helicopters are scaring the animals.

    Birth would occur in a non-ideal area (manger) not because the inn was full, but because Mary and Joseph’s medical insurance wasn’t accepted at the hospital.

    Mary & Joseph would be offered a deal for a reality show.
    They’ll be asked to be on “Oprah”.

    Little drummer boy would get recording contract.

    One of the three wise men will announce that he is gay.

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