12 Replies to “Dead Peoples Things”

  1. Hey man, I’ll take a liver if ya got one in half decent shape. Maybe i’ll put a lung on layaway.

  2. I’ve been watching the speed skating at the olympics or should I call it the camel toe competition?
    Dead peoples things?…..aunt paulies vibrator or uncle ed’s gold teeth ?
    this could get gruesome

  3. Lemmeseee… I’d like a half a dozen goldfish, some cockroaches, I’ll take a couple of those ficus benjaminas. Is the dog freshly dead?

    Oh… you mean the stuff isn’t dead? Oh, it belonged to a dead guy? Never mind.

  4. “Oh look, it’s a pacemaker,,,, it….. um ….. feels warm, and….uh ….. it just dripped blood on my hand. EW! 😡 :puke:

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