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  1. Wow…I’ve awoken to some real surprises back in my young & single drinkin’ days, but this guy is in for a defib moment shortly… 😳 :limp: :puke:

    There ain’t enuf :java: .

  2. I know you guys will be horsing around with the puns but try not to make an ass of yourselves. You weren’t raised in a barn. 😈

  3. Well, at least he removed the sheets…
    But seriously, I don’t know the rules but I’m pretty sure she’s underage…

  4. So a guy and a horse walk into a bar and… Well it sort of ends up like a scene from The Godfather, only the guy is happy and the horse is wondering what got put into her drink.

  5. Actually, my comment came off a bit like a horses ass, I was going for the down home on the farm set up, but failed miserably, crashed and burned.

    I was trying to come up with something witty, but all I could think of was how comfortable man and animal looked.

    I fell like an ass.

  6. Bachelor’s party, drunken stupor-He could have sworn he bellowed, “We need some whores”, and instead he got a horse. She’s a cute little filly you must admit.

  7. AnnieB’s cousin Cooter in a tender moment. 😛 🙄 :kiss: 😀

  8. I’ve heard of coyote ugly but never seen a bitch mare ugly before. 😛

  9. A deleted scene from the movie “My Friend Flicka”. Also cut was the courtroom scene where the defendant claims “Honest, Your Honor! I was just helping Flicka over the mattress…” 😈

  10. [Comment ID #318241 will appear here]

    Can’t you tell that we were just chomping at the bit for something like this?

  11. He knew then with startling clarity he could never go back to the others after his date with Winnie.

  12. Billy’s friends thought he was just being mean when he told them his girl had a face like a horse…

  13. There once was a man with a foal,
    The thought of her gave him a pole


    I’ll let you guys finish it. Have fun!

  14. (In about an hour…) “Whattsa matter, honey? Why the long face?”


  15. A guy and his ‘girlfriend’ walk into a bar, the bartender says “why the long face?”

  16. Then billy found out that daddy’s last words were “guard the family Jewels.” Not mules.

  17. He said it was a sugarcube…but when she came to the next morning she realized it wasnt really sugar 😕

  18. When his dad said “Son, you need to settle down with a pretty little filly…” he took him REALLY seriously.

  19. When the horse awoke, she was alone. There was a note on the nightstand that said, “I’ll give you a call sometime.” but… you know he never will. 🙁

  20. Didn’t y’all notice the yamaca??? This must be what the “new” Jewish kids are using to get around that no-no to premarital sex thing…

    Or maybe it’s the way he can “eat meat” on fridays :wtf:

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    So you’re saying that’s Barbrrrra? On a clear day you can see a funny girl singing ‘Hello Dolly’ forever.

  22. I don’t think THIS is what John Wayne had in mind when he said ‘mount up!’… 😈

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    But he also said “A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.” 😛

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    Glad you woke up, Babe. Hangover? 😛 😳 :kiss: :thong:

  25. [Comment ID #321851 will appear here]

    Nope, African safari and I thought of you every time I pulled the trigger… 😈

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    [Comment ID #322353 will appear here]

    :wtf: :wang: Wow. :wang: 😳

  27. Shoosh, just walk away very quietly and nobody will notice what happened, otherwise I may get hurt…. :wtf: 😀

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    Roy Rogers, you silly boy. Don’t you know one horse’s ass from another? 😀 😛

  29. You see this sign on my back? yeah, the one that says ‘kick me’ please be gentle…. 😀

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