22 thoughts on “I have no words

  1. A rare picture of George W. and his Siamese twin (who were joined at the nipples) doing their rendition of “Y.M.C.A.”. After the separation surgery, the un-named twin (we’ll call him ‘Flash’) said “Thank God we we shared nipples and not brains…” 😈

  2. “Monkey see, monkey do” does it for me. Although that doesn’t explain the grimace Commander Guy uses in lieu of a smile…

  3. “heh, heh. Good to see ya, here’s your deeploma. Whatever, heh, heh.”

    “Now go out and get keeled.”

    Pyrrhus – Huffington Post – This guy called it, in spades…

  4. ….

    Sometimes I wonder why nobody invaded the US to remove HIM from power. What a dork.

  5. I don’t think it’s a chest bump. I think Bush was buttoning his jacket next to that military-looking guy and grabbed the military guy’s button by accident. He buttoned them together.

    This is Georgie reacting to it. “What the fuck are you doing, man? Don’cha know I’m the Pres’dent, the most pow’rful man in th world?”

  6. I think they are letting all of us know of the future celebrity dance show premiering this fall, “Homosexual Dancing With the Stars”. I mean, he’s preparing for life after January…. Finally, he’s thinking ‘down the road’ and his future – he didn’t think of the ramifications of any of his decisions for this country (or military) during his presidency.

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