(My cat likes to help me type)
Update: Jade made the front page of I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?

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36 thoughts on “WAIT, I WILL HELPS YOU TYEP!

  1. Funny, my son does the same thing.

    Except he’s usually shouting, “My turn! My turn!” and tries to wrest the keyboard and computer chair from me. (He’s almost 4.)

  2. My cat prefers to wander around my monitor, sit behind it and poke his head round the side and sometimes goes after the cursor. Doesn’t make a lot of the mouse, though.

    Funny, that… πŸ˜‰

  3. [Comment ID #172291 will be quoted here]
    That’s the way I like it,short and to the point. It’s Saturday, don’t make me think.
    My cat died-from leukemia. Frisbee, the multi-colored kitty.

  4. My cats enjoy lying across my arms like a hammock when I am trying to type. They also like to lay on books, newspapers, magazines, and papers I am trying to grade. They like to remind me that they are the only things in the universe worthy on my attention. Of course, my husband tries that too.

    PS to Patrick. Sorry to hear about your Frisbee. I know how hard it is to lose a friend.

  5. [Comment ID #172319 will be quoted here]

    I’d say she’s more like the queen of Egypt. πŸ˜†

    And she chatted with me briefly the other day and purred when I sent a photo via IM.

  6. You wait till that cat puts it’s head in there, then snap that laptop shut hard. See if it likes typing after that…

    Nah, I kinda like cats, picking it up and softly tossing it across the room will probably do.

  7. you know, my cat does the same thing.

    he likes to come and sit directly in front of the screen more, though.
    or slam his face into the screen chasingthe pointer.

  8. Mine will actually sit and stare at the fish screensaver I have. Sometimes they will even bat at the fish as they swim by…

  9. I got nothing … not a cat person.

    So, I’ll chime in on “My name is an Acronym”.

    Association (of)

    I think it fits me perfectly! LOL

  10. [Comment ID #172369 will be quoted here]

    Oh, you’re too hard on yourself, AnnieB, Sweet Thing.
    I’m glad I figured out that creature in the bus was
    not you! :kiss: ❗ ❗ :wtf:

  11. Thanks hon. I figure if you can’t poke fun at yourself then it’s not very sporting to poke fun at others. (I know all this talk of “poking” is getting you hot, but just slow down and save it for your main squeeze). LOL

    Hey, good detective work! That was actually my twin sister Bertha! 😈

  12. [Comment ID #172356 will be quoted here]

    I can’t say that I’d blame her. I’d purr if you sent me a photo too!

  13. Hey Verne –

    Chek out this new web site. davezilla. All they talk about all day is pussy. Itz da bomb!


  14. [Comment ID #172369 will be quoted here]

    How about:

    Beautifully πŸ˜›
    [Comment ID #172395 will be quoted here]

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜€ πŸ˜† πŸ™„

  15. [Comment ID #172357 will be quoted here]

    Yep, I get the full walk across the keyboard followed by a flick of the tail to the face to complete the pass.

    I’ve gathered that this means “I need biscuits” in cat speak.

  16. Hey Merle,
    thanks for telling me about the pussy-talk. But actually am more interested in dick.
    gratefuly yours,
    (La) Verne Cheney

  17. [Comment ID #172446 will be quoted here]

    Sigh. Who could compete with that? My heart is broken. C’est la vie.

    APB for mikeB. Where you been buddy? I miss you.

  18. my name actually is an acronym
    it has something to do with biochemistry
    not sure what though

  19. Felix, (black cat) sits on the keyboard creating enleeeeeeeeeeeeeess lines of one letter and forcefully but lovingly shoves his head into my nose leaving annoying cat hair all over my cheeks (on my face) purring loudly into my earpiece, usually when I’m on a call, then proceeds to cry out to his momma cuz his love’s draggin’ and she won’t pet him.
    If I ignore him he refuses to go away. Instead he falls to his side and grabs onto my arm with all four paws and tries to chew on my typing fingers.


    Daily (play with me…*bats lashes*)

    Nice is good sometimes but I still like your everyday ‘tude!

    Astonishing (you never cease to amaze)
    Naughty (I like that word)
    Expect (what would i do without you 😳 )
    Breathlessly (my heart skips a beat at your comments)
    My real name: Ambar (can’t think of anything, Help?)

  20. [Comment ID #172901 will be quoted here]

    Jeez! Thank God I went first … that’s a hard act to follow!

    Blood Pressure (too bad that wasn’t a D) lol

    Where you been my friend? I missed you!

  21. Missing you terribly… πŸ˜›
    I’ve recently rented out and temporarily moved from a 4 br house in the middle of nowhere (not even country) to my old bedroom back home while I look for a place to call home closer in town (or at least country πŸ™„ )…no room for my computer at home so I have to wait for Monday to check Davezilla and play catch-up on the weekend.

    How sad is it that my inspiration to come to work is davezilla?

    That was really good!! I wonder if men’s blood pressure can be lowered similarly (I may have made up a word here) to women cuz I’ll volunteer!
    I’ll do a community service. Lowering men’s blood pressure around the world. I’ll be a lifesaver!

  22. A-always
    B-but pablo


    Z-zillions of

  23. Of course Jade made the first page! She’s a cover girl. πŸ™‚

    My name is too long and I’m too tired to make an acronym. Need :java:

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