Tarot of the Unexplained! The deck Fox Mulder would have used.

Tarot of the Unexplained

Longtime readers will know that I had been working on a tarot deck and writing a book for the past two years, which is why I haven’t been posting much anymore. The deck is not like other decks because, duh! It’s from me. I based it off cryptids, ghosts, portals, paranormal phenomena, UFOs, ancient alien conspiracies, Forteana and more High Weirdness. No “Celtic Soul Journey of the Unicorn Cat Rider Faeries” tarot for me. This is the strangeness like you’ve come to expect from me since the late ’90s when this site began.

Well, the deck is complete, I found a publisher, and now it’s finally going to be hitting stores everywhere. It’s officially available in stores as of August 5th, but you can preorder from Amazon, Powell Books, Barnes & Noble, Indigo-Chapters (Canada) and probably several more. I would love it if you could support me by picking up a deck. I spent over 900 hours drawing and painting the cards and another 200 writing the accompanying full-color book.

The publisher (Red Wheel / Weiser Books) did a stellar job printing the deck. They used extra thick card stock and the card edges are gilded in silver.

Major Arcana
This is the Major Arcana of the Deck
These are the Court Cards of the Minor Arcana
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