Pull all the way up to the light, sir.

Old driverI don’t understand the motive. We all drive up to traffic lights every day, yet some individuals in our society seem to feel compelled to turn this simple act into a plea for attention, by stopping 23 meters behind the previous car.

Perhaps Mumsy didn’t give them enough love. Perhaps they were picked last for kickball too many times. Now they find the only power they wield is at the traffic lights.

You’ve seen them, too. You may even be one of them. If so, I demand you explain to the rest of us why you do it.

Then we will all step on your neck.


  1. junkman

    hunter s. thompson on ludes sings:

    I Like traffic lights.
    I Like traffic lights.
    I Like traffic lights,
    No matter where they’ve been.
    I Like traffic lights.
    I Like traffic lights.
    I Like traffic lights.
    I Like traffic lights.
    I Like traffic lights,
    But only when they’re green.

  2. usually these guys alternate with the dork-os that block the intersection where the bus turns, where they sit in their car oblivious to the fact that the sign (behind them, now) says, “BUSES TURNING. STOP HERE”

  3. Bigwavdave

    I cannah undahstan wha hoppen!

  4. Drusky

    I’ve always prefered the car behind me stopping way back vs. stopping way too close, even to the point of handing me my coffee from the drink holder while planted in my back seat…

  5. sexy jamie

    Tunnel vision. I experienced it once or twice, after my friend told me to smoke this funny smelling cigarette. Yeah it has to be the tunnel vision. Could you imagine if everyone had funny smelling cigarettes.

  6. junkman

    i think its more like amc pacer vision.

  7. junkman

    lake effect?

  8. patrick

    Tima to take Poppa back to the optometrist. These glasses don’t work anymore. Looks like my first wife’s grandad. My mistake was riding with that old bastard, he did 70 mph through downtown Ponca City running lights and dodging pedestrians. Only once, old man, only once.

  9. Chris S.

    The ones I hate worse are the drivers that pull up to stop light and continuously roll forward waiting for the light to turn green, inching further and further into the intersection until they basically sit in the middle of it. Then when it does turn green they are usually the last to start moving anyway and gained nothing from all their rolling.

    Link of the day: Mandy, you’re really starting to worry me. I hope there is a reasonable explanation as to why you were on a site like that. :wtf: At least I hope you have a dog.


  10. Chris S.

    Video of the day: I can only assume the sirens in the background were from the vehicles coming to take her away. GOOD FRIGGIN’ GRIEF… she must hang out at Dave’s Stabbucks drinking Vanilla Buscargos all day.

  11. gotta smoke a fattie else that space between me and the car ahead of me could close up and the universe could end in a whimper. spark another, harper.

  12. By not having a car, I can’t relate much to this, but I truly hate it when I’m trying to cross an intersection and some idiot driver is turning right towards me. I bet they still won’t see me when I’m hurt and bleeding on their car hood. 👿

  13. Drusky

    “Well, Hello there, sonny! You’re riding in the Medicare Cab! Answer a series of questions before you get to your destination and you’ll win cheaper prescription benefits..” 😈

  14. So Dave, who is the owner of the ’65 Mustang Coupe?

  15. Flash Gordon

    AnnieB’s Uncle Loonie after breaking out of the home . 🙁 :kiss: 😎 😕 :wtf:

  16. Bear

    Hell, I do it just to fuck with the impatient son-of-a-bitch who tailgated me down the street when I was already goin 15 mph over the limit..Payback is a bitch…LMAO

  17. Lake Effect

    [Comment ID #394308 will appear here]

    You rang?

    No that’s not me in the pic, but the interior does look like my yellow ’74 Pacer.

    I don’t mind the keep-backers. I’m with the crowd that is driven craz-illa by the ones who stop about 15′ past the stop line, making it difficult for left-turners, esp. buses and trucks, to get past them. And since they are often under or past the light at that point, they can’t see when it changes, so they continue to sit there craning their neck searching in vain for the light until the horns start honking. Then they go while flipping off the honker.

  18. What the heel is with the “meters” shit? This is America….. just say 69 so we can all get our jollies off the sexual reference! :wang: :boobs: :boobs: :wang:

  19. jACK

    [Comment ID #394594 will appear here]

    I like the way your mind works.

  20. [Comment ID #394352 will appear here]

    Oh, just come to Atlanta, where they’ll get out, look at you on the ground, then drive away! 😳

  21. Bigwavdave

    Mandy – Dogs – Condoms – I don’t even want to think about it!

  22. junkman

    [Comment ID #394521 will appear here] where is that spicy dish anyway?

  23. [Comment ID #394793 will appear here]

    Well, according to the website, their products “have NEVER been tested on any animals, or any member of the animal kingdom, except for well-informed, willing, well-compensated humans.”

    Mandy, you got some esplainin’ to do

  24. Flash Gordon

    [Comment ID #394795 will appear here]

    Probably on some lost week-end orgy or other. :boobs: :thong: :wang: :kiss:

  25. Tam

    I think crazy sprinkler lady is voting for Obama.

  26. weediebyrd

    I stop further back than most due to being rear-ended at a stop light and being forced into the car in front of me. The guy who hit me was responsible for my car, but I was responsible for the hitting the car in front of me because I was “too close.” My insurance premiums don’t need to be any higher, therefore, I make sure that won’t happen again. and I was not smoking funny cigarettes either

  27. Timm

    As a former school bus driver I think I had better not get started on “other drivers.” GOOD LORD DON’T get me started on OTHER DRIVERS!!! 🙄 😛 😳 🙂

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