OK, fess up…

Whose bad idea was it to combine alarm clocks with blinding sunlight?

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  1. I will have a comment on the post later….but I have to say this about the link……….

    I turn 23 on 6/6/06…..so what does that say about me?

  2. 😈

    “666, The number of the beast!
    666, The one for you and me!”


  3. djemm

    Man these people need to get a life or read a book sometime.Solace I’m looking at your pic right now and there ain’t much else to say. Oh the blinding light just adds to the effect of the heart attack you get when the alarm goes off at full blast five in morning. “Don’t walk into the light you idiot thats the bathroom” 😈

  4. cbatdux

    It was Mr. Heinz. He always sed….

    “Get up! Get up! Get up Today!

    Get up right now or it’s ketchup all day!”

    (In the running for lame post 2006!)

  5. Lisa

    Black out your windows then hang nice curtains over them. Or better yet, put aluminum foil over them-shiny side out so you can blind your neighbors.
    So was there much fuss over June 6, 1966? Or the sixth day of any month in 1966?

  6. Jinx

    The sweet birds singing, the fresh breeze blowing, and the golden rays of sunshine are all nature’s little ways of saying, “It;s gonna be a great day! Wake up and welcome to consciousness!” 😛

  7. Paige

    And the annoying twitter of your boyfriends bird as he wants to be let out of his cage. Can you believe that the link said that Dubya could be the antichrist????Thats too laughable but maybe all that stupidity is an act.

  8. Jennifer

    [Comment ID #48361 will be quoted here]
    why does that not suprise me?

  9. Cara

    hey um must comment l8er on this 😀 ❗

  10. family jules

    First of all, FOX News IS the station of the Beast……Ann Coulter is the rabid wolf that guards the beast, and George W. fits the description if you actually read it.

    However, the number of the beast is not 666……apparently there was a mistranslation somewhere and the real number is 616. So now we can go searching for demonic area codes, I guess. Mwhaahaahaa!

    As for blinding light and alarm clocks, easy to fix that one. Get up at 5 a.m. to go to work at 6 like I do! Sunlight conveniently eases itself over the horizon and turns all kinds of pretty colors for your commuting entertainment!

  11. Alyana

    The alarm might not be nessesary if more people were reliable. Lmao. 🙄

  12. Pappy

    [Comment ID #48448 will be quoted here]

    Nah, the aluminum foil thing wouldn’t work, because then everyone would just think he’s a vampire.

    And the mom who wants to have Damien on 6/6/06 is pretty darn demented. I bet the kid is a real hellian. 🙄

  13. Da Popster

    Why Markie de Sade of course !!! 👿

  14. Flash Gordon

    You heathens will burn in hell if you don’t change your ways!
    Here in North Georgia we believe the anti-christ is a Mexican, probably
    named Vincente. 😕 👿

  15. Ace

    Am I to suppose Mexican bashing would be the noble way of living?

  16. dougieace

    its much more efficient to hire a mexican to bash mexicans.they work so cheap and when your done you can just throw them away.

  17. mmiim

    I know one person whose birthdate is 6/6/06.

    should I be afraid?? 😈

  18. [Comment ID #48509 will be quoted here]

    what is that supposed to mean jennifer? I will have my Sephiroth avatar picture gaze a hole right through you……..or not…..

    I can top it though…….I may turn 23 on 6/6/06….but my mother was born on 6/16/66……does it help any…………

  19. fv* axon

    🙄 U no HO U R!!! Every single day Contractors (of what I call a subspecies), with the morality of no more than slug slime hire cheap, ILLEAGLE mexican labor to line the very insides of their money corrupted soleless obese figures of what’s supposed to be a stand-up guy!

  20. fv* axon

    :undies: :wtf: :undies:Is this thig on? The “MUFF-RA-PHONE” Hear her comin from _________miles away!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please fill in bank) 💡

  21. fv* axon

    😈 :wtf: :twisted:Always into sumthin’

  22. Meagan

    [Comment ID #48512 will be quoted here]

    5 A.M.!!!!! No way! I’ll just keep sleeping in until 10 A.M. when the sun is a little higher in the sky.

    And Master Solace, your birthday doesn’t necessarily mean much about you because mine is on Valentine’s Day and I’m no saint.


  23. Drusky

    [Comment ID #48602 will be quoted here]

    Take it from me, Jennifer. You don’t want those eyes burning a hole in your head…
    Oh No!, flashback! Those eyes… burning a hole in my brain… must resist… AAAAGGGHHH! 😆

  24. Annie

    I… didn’t mean to make that whole thing the link. Sorry! *sheepishly shrugs*

  25. |nSan|ty

    In the link it says…. While some Armageddon believers fear that 6/6/06 will be “a day of satanic power” that may be marked by a comet hitting the Earth,

  26. [Comment ID #48692 will be quoted here]

    I don’t know, I am an enigma, my b-day could say a lot about me….and about you not being a saint even though your b-day is Feb 14th…..I don’t know you personally, so I can’t make that call…..you might be……maybe………I’m just saying………….

  27. [Comment ID #48848 will be quoted here]

    And this comment is for Drusky…..thought he might want to see my avatar two time in a row……….. 😈

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