Haven’t done these in a few years! The following URLs are all unintentionally funny and all real companies.

  1. 1hourscrap.com
  2. achildshaven.com
  3. amigonefuneralhome.com
  4. apetit.com
  5. blindsexpress.com
  6. cumbooks.co.za [A Christian bookstore offering “Cum Blessings”]
  7. pro-lapse.com
  8. doggiestyles.co.uk
  9. ferrethandjobs.com [My personal favorite]
  10. ilovebigals.com
  11. ladrape.co.uk
  12. masterbaitonline.com
  13. michaelspornanimation.com
  14. oddsexchange.com
  15. oldmanshaven.com
  16. penisland.net [A Zilla Girl Destination]
  17. semensemble.org
  18. therapistschoice.com
  19. www.anker.com

12 thoughts on “More Unfortunate URLs

  1. I went to therapistschoice.com. They rejected me. How humiliating. Almost as bad as NOT getting molested by your priest. “Hey, what’s wrong with me? Aren’t I cute enough to be molested”?

  2. A bald old man? Who shaves him?
    Must be the preson who”s raping the lads in England
    I must say that I am quite interested in the daily facials Is it the same person thats involved with the rapists choice?

  3. From the masterbaitonline.com website “You can’t beat our bait” now aint that the truth, but what can we beat?

  4. -god i could use some ape tit right now ❗ :boob: :boob:

    -can subscribers really read anything from the blind sex press? perhaps if they were cum books that had dried in braille ❗

    – i guess #7 was too rude to post?

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