If Corporations Formed Bands

  1. Supplies Are Limited
  2. The Low Hanging Fruit
  3. First Mover Advantages
  4. Out of Pocket and the Expenses
  5. Touch Bases
  6. Win Win and the Situations
  7. The Pro-Actives
  8. The Mission Criticals
  9. Thinking Outside and the Boxes
  10. The Core Competencies
  11. More Bang and the Bucks
  12. The Bean Counters
  13. The Wow Factors
  14. Turn Key and the Solutions
  15. The Halo Effects
  16. The Stress Puppies
  17. Seagull Management
  18. Dog and the Pony Show
  19. The 11th Hour
  20. 86’d
  21. The Old Boys’ Club
  22. The Scope Creeps
  23. The Human Capitals
  24. Ego Surfers
  25. The Mighty Blame Stormers

What bands did you think of? BTW, this post was written at 30,000 feet, flying to Washington, D.C. while sitting next to a businessman who used about 20 of these phrases while describing himself.

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  1. The Hot Style Takeovers.
    The Rock Options.
    The Credity Folk Swaps.
    The 4 Closures.
    Pon-Z featuring K-Man Isles and MC Morelle Hazzad.
    Smashing Pensions
    The Goldman Sax Brass Band
    Orchestrated Manoeuvers in the Dark.

  2. Megan DeMai

    The Reaganette
    The Who (Cares)
    And You Will Know Us By The Length Of Our Hold Time.

  3. Unless you still listen to AM analog, you know corporations DO form bands under the strict Golden Rule……”The Jag With The Gold Makes The Rules”. Money made is directly measured by the stretchmarks on your lips. I guess “The Teabaggers” would be appropriate.

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