How many times have I heard that one?

Image via Rick. In case you’re wondering, this is actually an old Lysol ad. Just think. Women used to douche with Lysol. No wonder our grandparents hated sex.

26 thoughts on “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that one

  1. But maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe the woman in the picture did douche with Lysol, and hubs got so used to it he began to associate the two, and now he’s in the bathroom with the Sears-Roebuck underwear section, huffing straight from the can.

  2. Probably the guy just wants some “alone time” with his “magazines”. Or perhaps some plain old alone time in the only place he can be alone. 😛

  3. Lysol?! I’ll bet that tasted awful! Jeez, at least Listerine would have given her that minty fresh taste. 😈

  4. eradicating doubts due to one intimate neglect? what? men were so stupid in the fifties they had standards around how they got their beaver served up and abstained in protest? next thing he’ll be picketing for a pinesolled puss or clamoring for a mr.clean clitty. if he truly wants “happy married love” why can’t he whack off with palmolive and keep his mouth shut? where the hell is Vadge, i mean Madge, when you need her? :mrgreen:

  5. Lets see.
    Doubt, inhibitions, ignorance, a padlocked door and a desperately anxious looking woman.

    Five kinds of Vatican-approved contraception in one photo.
    Not bad.

  6. i just read the whole vadge thread. it’s so hilarious. i just had to do one.

    -3 square meals is all he eats?
    -time to treat those clotted pleats!
    -wean him off the meat ‘two vedge’
    -with lysol douche or maybe pledge.

    -no locked doors or anguished tugging
    -get that wazoo sani-sugging!
    -his appetite for pie will rocket
    -when he sniffs your stedging socket

    -bettie crocker’s cakes were rising
    -while her cooch was sanitizing
    -take a lesson from this sister
    -lysol douche and please your mister!

  7. Sani-Flush is much more effective, and lasts longer. Most connie lingerers approve
    of it. :wang: :thong: :undies: :wang:

  8. You said two minutes! What the hell are you doing in there? Are you cheating on me? Are you fucking cheating on me? Did you let her in through the tiny bathroom windoow?! Open the Fucking door! I swear I’ll kill her!
    Oh?! Hi honey…did you light a match?

  9. [Comment ID #355638 will appear here]

    I get shivers when you say ‘fucking’… 😛 :wang:

  10. [Comment ID #355644 will appear here]

    Funny, she says fucking and my pants are around my ankles and I’m standing at attention! :wang:

  11. [Comment ID #355775 will appear here]
    -sure grammas cunt was fresh and happy
    -grandad never nixed her lappy
    -these days couples aren’t as lucky
    – so lysol douche for fucky sucky!

  12. If she’s so concerned about being locked out, why doesn’t she just give him a blow job?

    Oh and good suggestion on the listerine.. I like my cooze minty fresh

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