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  1. Well, there doesn’t appear to be any grass to mow, so it should be a fairly easy task… 😛

  2. fruf

    sorry Ms Skank but you will have to be removed before the area is clean

  3. Ummmm …. yeah. I really don’t think that there’s going to be a problem with that.

  4. Patrick

    Mom? OMG Mom, close your skank hole! Or is it stank hole? Either way, put your damned legs together.

  5. DaPopster

    OMG, Grandma ? ……….. ❗

  6. Bigwavdave

    Obviously a Zilla-babe way ahead of her time. 😉

  7. Mike

    I prmise to work relentlessly to help keep that area clean. Across the continent and beond.( WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS)

  8. junkman

    hey……i remember this……lysol douche!

    -bettie crocker’s cakes were rising
    -while her cooch was sanitizing
    -take a lesson from this sister
    -lysol douche and please your mister!

    -sure grammas cunt was fresh and happy
    -grandad never nixed her lappy
    -these days couples aren’t as lucky
    -so lysol douche for fucky sucky!

    from vadge horror stories……altered a bit…for timbre

    June thought Ward
    Was gonna leave her
    So she scrubbed
    And cleaned the Beaver

    If you want
    To please your guy
    Give him “special”
    Lemon pie

    Palmolive’s fine
    For Sues and Madges
    But we don’t need
    No stinkin vadges!

  9. It’s the Captain’s Mess – let him clean it up.

  10. [quote comment=”629132″]I thing I saw this movie…’Shaving Ryan’s Privates’ …isn’t it?[/quote]

  11. Patrick

    [quote comment=”629133″][quote comment=”629132″]I thing I saw this movie…’Shaving Ryan’s Privates’ …isn’t it?[/quote]
    And who’s gonna argue with Mandy? Not me, I’m hypnotized. Or at least I think I am. I feel something gettin’ hard.

  12. nina

    Grandma how many times have I told you that no one wants to see that.

  13. Peaches

    Junkman….how old are you???? No one remembers Madge…..except me….(*sigh*)

  14. freckleface

    [quote post=”3326″]I posted one of the ads for Lysol Douche some time ago.[/quote]

    In Canada, we used to call that “Janitor in a Drum.” 😛

  15. [quote comment=”629146″]Junkman….how old are you???? No one remembers Madge…..except me….(*sigh*)[/quote]

    That’s ’cause she SOAKING in it… urk.

  16. La Guera Linda

    I remember “Janitor in a Drum” and ” Madge “… YIKES !!! :knickers:

  17. La Guera Linda

    Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa now I’m almost 52 (May 28) don’t know how it gives my age at 25 for sure there would be no way to remember either of those. 😥

  18. Timm

    Sure, I’ll help keep the area clean. Now just let me get my hose out.

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