Don’t make Mini Michael Bolton angry…

Do not anger Michael Bolton

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  1. Zeke has got some weird sponsors. as for the pic, the hulk seems to need to take a crap.

  2. I hear Mini Bolton as the Hulk doesn’t use physical strength to hurt you; his saxophone solo will make you want to kill yourself.

    I love that clip from Robot Chicken. “What do you mean, they blew up the death star?!”

  3. Why is it that all of a sudden I’m thinking about Rodney Dangerfield……….I know……I saw an old HBO special with him in it…….and THIS mini Michael Bolton bears a striking likeness to comedian Sam Kinison……….

    1-part Michael Bolton, 1-part Sam Kinison, 1-part Verne Troyer….add HULK hands and a look advertising for Fiber-con…….and you offically have the one thing in this world that is worse that President Boy George…………

    I declare this apparition…..The DemonSpawn of the Culturely Challenged World………..

    I think I’m done for now…………. 😈 😈 😈

  4. Drusky

    Tiny Tim finally discovered that too much fiber and too little liquid was a recipe for disaster…

  5. Spud

    What was the ratio of torso to legs again??


  6. For some reason, he reminds me more of Carrot Top than Bolton.

  7. bhamm

    – “Boy, it’s a good thing those steroids didn’t affect me in any way what-so-ever.”

    – “Grrrr… cut Bolton’s hair… CUT BOLTON’S HAIR!”

    – Halloween picture? No, why do you ask?

  8. Rob

    And you thought Gollum was fucked up by the one ring … take a look at what it did to Frodo! :wtf:

  9. Patrick

    Once again, a mullet. MULLETS MUST BE ELIMINATED NOW! And the idiots who wear them! They are sooooo twenty years ago. Tim Conway deserves at least partial credit (or blame). He did Dorf on Golf before this freak was born.
    Thanks for the GorrilaMask link. I can always use another link to hilarious time wasters.

  10. Poor Darth. “Wait a sec, you’ve been flying around for two weeks trying to get a signal? You must smell like feet wrapped in leathery burnt bacon.”

  11. junkman

    “i dare you to knock this lamp off my shoulder!”

    emperor mel blanc/kasey kassem?

    fool’s paradise
    n : an illusory state of wellbeing=mullet

  12. evilmister

    [Comment ID #70188 will be quoted here]

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i’m going to hell. 👿

  13. DaPopster

    Michael Bolton ………………… :puke: :puke: :puke:

  14. mikeme

    Some people do ugly on purpose. Others are a natural!! 😈

  15. Ah those were the days when you could recognize a feminist on sight.
    (Oooh, I’m in trouble now)

  16. Infernos

    Is he the love child of Michael Bolton and Tiny Tim ?

  17. Mandy

    [Comment ID #70245 will be quoted here]

    LOL! Just :puke: my :java:

  18. MrDoug

    Looks like he is trying to beat off and is frustrated on how to do so with hulk hands

  19. Flash Gordon

    It’s–ta da–Little Elvis. :dead: :wtf: 🙄 :wang: 😕

  20. [Comment ID #70268 will be quoted here]

    Now that is a weird thought……….I can see it in the picture now………Hlk wasn’t pissed, he just couldn’t figure out how to jerk-off with his hands……… 😈

  21. [Comment ID #70303 will be quoted here]

    Yeah, thanks for the image.
    :puke: :puke: :puke:

  22. [Comment ID #70305 will be quoted here]

    I would say no problem…..but that image was bad in my head too… you can see with the typo on the name Hulk…………but it was already to that point and I finished it………….but then again, the image of Hulk jerking off wouldn’t be as bad as the subjuect of this pic….. :puke:

  23. Irish

    “Please kill me.” :mrgreen:

  24. ada

    Looks like hurley off Lost…don’t make him angry,he might eat the rest of the rations! :boob: :boob: :puke:

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