Caption Time #90

Caption Time #90

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  1. “Look mom….I told you trailer trash barbie does exist”!!! :puke:

  2. Spud

    It’s all downhill from here…


  3. Trey

    That hand is going down!

  4. Anna

    Dedicating your lego to a dead cat? And I thought I didn’t have a life!

  5. cbatdux

    Now THAT’s a dog tag….

  6. Becky

    My trailer IS bigger than yours!

  7. marcus

    Baby’s first sentence, “Give me a beer, I want to pee on papa.”

  8. mitch

    “Dear God in Heaven, I’ve landed in the shallow end of the gene pool!!!!” 😡

  9. Dean

    The stunned seattle family experience sun-shine.

  10. Nicholle

    Somebody has way, WAY too much time on their hands to spend THAT much time working with Legos! :wtf:

  11. We know who wears the dog tags in this family.
    Army surplus bra to boot.
    Surprised that the kid does not have a rubber grenade for a teething toy.

  12. Ew. Would she like some soup with her rolls?

  13. Lace Valentine

    Get off my lawn!!


  14. The dog tags are a particularly klassy touch.

  15. underdog

    Damn Lady please put a shirt on, for pitys sake!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your gonna scar the kid!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡

  16. “We got our wedding registered at the WalMarts.”


  17. underdog

    hey bring that tattoed lady back :wang:

  18. joboo

    What are you all talking about? She’d work in a pinch! 😆

  19. DT

    Gives a whole new meaning to “roll in the hay”.

  20. Patrick

    This is EXACTLY why there should be a competency test for paternity!
    The first words outta that kids’ mouth are gonna be “Would you like fries with that sir”?
    And you thought My Name Is Earl was fictional. 😀

  21. Craig

    “Honey, this kid smells worse than you, and wipe that stupid look off your face.”

  22. Craig

    I think mommy has just reallized that life’s potential has passed her buy! :dead:

  23. Bobby

    This is what happens to the gene pool when you mix stagnant pond water with raw sewage…you ain’t gonna get Evian!!! :wtf:

  24. I like how the cigarette lighter is within the baby’s reach, just in case he wants to play with the propane tank.

    As for that church, it’s unbelievable, but if Ms. Too Much Time on Her Hands really wanted to honor her dear departed kitty, she could have taken the money she spent on those Legos, and donated it to her local animal shelter. I think that would have made too much sense, though.

  25. Bobby

    [Comment ID #17926 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I don’t know if either of today’s topics make too much sense!!! 😛

  26. Lisa

    The “father” bears a resemblance to the person who played with a rodent in an earlier post.

    Funny thing about the Lego church and its pipe organ – Church of Christ normally has no musical instruments in the sanctuary.

  27. Pic of that cathedral have been around for atleast 6 years. I saw it when I was managing a toy store, at the time the pussy wasn’t involved.

  28. Blue States Suck

    Uh, if I could only have voted for that ketchup guy, we’d be in style Elvis!

  29. mistygal

    :puke:Feed that poor guy some food with starch in it and cover up the abino roly poly! And let me raise the cutie pie kid. :kiss:

  30. mistygal

    oops typo that’s supposed to say albino.

  31. MrDoug

    “We put “Trash” in white trash.

    OK the whole church thing is my fault see, I swerved to hit precious, it was just such a tempting target running down the street like that, that I could just not resist trying to get the tires aligned with it’s little head. Good news is that it made that really cool ‘POP’ sound as it went under the tire.

  32. Da Popster

    Sa for the lego cathedral, sounds as if there QUITE A FEW bricks missing and not only in the the “guests” :wtf:

  33. prtyprincess7104

    Somebody has too much time on her hands, and her love for the damn cat is creepy, How about get a life.

    As for the inbred rednecks…

    Next time try not to reproduce with your brother, trust me we don,t need your nephew/son/uncle/dad/grandpa’s genes floating around in the world.
    What are you trying to do create another Billy Bob Thorton? ❓

  34. prtyprincess7104

    Dave where do you find your stuff?
    Sometimes I think you are a weirdo magnet.

    Or maybe you’ve got alot of weird college buddies?

  35. Spud

    Does anyone think we are all being too harsh? after all they may be lovely people.




  36. Steppenwolf

    I know I’m going to be abused for saying this but I see nothing wrong with the picture unless you believe only the Aryan race should be allowed to have kids. Wait…I think that idea was tried before. Sieg Heil! :puke:
    I also think the cathedral is pretty cool.

  37. darren

    Today we’s cellibratein our sons first birfday, and my wifes cirtifikit from beauty skool. kant ya tell!

  38. prtyprincess7104

    Steppenwolf , are you a redneck?

    Poor baby
    So am I

  39. franklito

    U cant tell ME, i aint takin good care of my family! I just cleaned them last week.

  40. Strange that the woman has rolls but the man looks like he’s starved! :wtf:

  41. Matt C

    Sheee-it, Jerome! I love it when you take me to these fancy restaraunts. I dressed up real nice an’ purty for you too!

  42. Jodi

    Baby’s first night as designated driver for Ma and Pa.

  43. dougieace

    “shiiit thisin come out sideways,it didnt hurt or nothin”

  44. I’m with Steppenwolf but I’m not a groupie. That’s a fine young couple. And I think that Lego creation is quite lovely and the cat pictures are, well, precious. Really! That was a major construction job. How many people ever finish a project like that? 😀

  45. Zen

    You see honey, winning the lotto does change things.

  46. Steppenwolf

    No, I’m not a redneck. In fact, I’m about as liberal as you can get.. I’m also not above making fun of people when I think they deserve it. Guess I’m just tired of people being judged by their appearance. Some of the best people I know look similar to these people and others who suck look like they belong in GQ. .
    But on a less serious note…Fran, my user name is taken from the book not the band. Doubt that Hesse had many groupies.

  47. tawana

    britney and kevin – the golden years!! 😛

  48. it’s a hippie white trash picnic! my favorite!

  49. hmmm i know where Dave got this picture from 🙄

  50. bryan

    …he sure got a purdy mouth, ain’t he?….

  51. well the babys got dads ears and the posture from mom.

  52. cbatdux

    wuduya mean, ya change the di-per ever day???

    (Is this from a family reunion dave? If so, some of you should just LIGHTEN up!)

    Dave gets “2 snaps up” for today’s post.

  53. cbatdux

    BTW – what’s the record for comments? This one has incited quite the flurry….

  54. JFLY

    “We’s gonna raise him up good and proud, Ma…just you watch. Me & Jimmy Dean are gonna see to it he gets a good ej-u-ka-shun. No chicken wire on HIS schoolbus windows..uh-uh!!!”

    Ummm…Steppenwolf? Didn’t the band get the name from the book?

    And LMAO Darren…

  55. Just checking out the plot summary for Steppenwolf. Pretty deep, not unlike deep fat fried Bacon Tempura. :wtf:

  56. Kris

    why am i the only one with a shirt on? This is bull s#*^ im the only one who looks CUTE with it off. 8)

  57. Wendy

    The only name that comes to mind is Jerry Springer… hehehee 😈

  58. Debarella

    To all of you who drive while talking on your cell phone, just to let us see how important you are; please note that anyone can get a cell phone.

  59. Dennis Bookhart

    Hey little girl. How about you go to Mommy and let me sit on Daddy’s lap? And then we’ll see what ‘cums up?’ :wang:

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