Caption Time #305

This is an odd one. Almost a challenge presented by the vehicle owner. GODSABL. I have no idea what this is. Here’s some suggestions. Let me know yours.

  1. God’s A Big Lesbian?
  2. God’s Always Buying Lunch
  3. God’s A Boring Lecturer
  4. Gods And Breasts Lactate
  5. God! Shit Always Backfires, Lately.

What do you think GODSABL stands for?

5 thoughts on “Caption Time #305

  1. Go disable what?
    God’s a bull?
    God’s a bully?
    God Sable? No, Sable may be a goddess, but not a god.
    God’s Able? To do what?
    Go On Down South And Beat Losers? Well, that could take some time.
    Gays On Detroit’s Southend Are Better Lovers?

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