Caption Time #305

Caption Time #305

This is an odd one. Almost a challenge presented by the vehicle owner. GODSABL. I have no idea what this is. Here’s some suggestions. Let me know yours.

  1. God’s A Big Lesbian?
  2. God’s Always Buying Lunch
  3. God’s A Boring Lecturer
  4. Gods And Breasts Lactate
  5. God! Shit Always Backfires, Lately.

What do you think GODSABL stands for?


  1. devilsfan

    Go On Dick Some Ample Breasted Ladies

  2. Go Disable!! They are clearly rooting for disabled peoples!! 8)

  3. Go disable what?
    God’s a bull?
    God’s a bully?
    God Sable? No, Sable may be a goddess, but not a god.
    God’s Able? To do what?
    Go On Down South And Beat Losers? Well, that could take some time.
    Gays On Detroit’s Southend Are Better Lovers?

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