Caption Time #204

Caption Time #204

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  1. StevieC

    Lisa Marie celebrates Elvis Day with her new boytoy, Benny Lava

  2. junkman

    donny and marie. the early days.

  3. (cue music “Stayin Alive” by the BeeGees)
    “You like my skirt? Yeah beyotch! I got a matching man bag too!” :wtf:

  4. patrick

    We are aliens from the planet Zoltron. On Zoltron, when we do sex reassignment surgery we don’t do it top to bottom like you silly Earthlings. We do it left to right!
    That guy looks like he fell on a cheese shredder sideways. And they both look like they need to be bitchslapped, repeatedly with much intensity and enthusiasm.

  5. Amber

    You know, I’m honestly not sure who’s prettier in this photo.

  6. Myra

    If that guy’s “skirt” gets any lower he’ll be arrested for indecent exposure. Though any guy who dresses like that might not have anything to expose! :puke:

  7. A guy in a skirt?! Hey, whatever floats your boat… :wtf:

  8. StevieC

    I like the handle on the fembot’s head. 😈 :wang:

  9. Cynical Villain

    It’s Gaydar and his sidekick Lesberilla. Here to right wrongs…stop fashionistas and save the word for bad interior decorating nightmares. Evil Doers beware!

    /fanfare music playing/

  10. julesOdeNile

    Super Heroins of the 21st century come with a sissy sidekick who doubles up as a boyband singer by night. can you say “westlife”?!?

    my twin siz and I are so close I wear everything she wears and her doll friends are my doll friends. today we are visiting the wonderful beach together and we will have such fun…..! (m0ments later, a pack of kids in all black and masks beat the crap out of the dude)

  11. Pablo

    Extremely effeminate future guy: Hey Sailor! Where do you go to catch a Faerie around here?

    Hot but fashion challenged future girl: I’m so hot, I’m so bitchin’, I’m so cool

    Extremely effeminate future guy: Do we at least have enough time to get my dinghy wet?

    Hot but fashion challenged future girl: I’m so hot, I’m so bitchin’, I’m so cool

    Extremely effeminate future guy: I am getting so excited, can you tell?

    Hot but fashion challenged future girl: Put your 3rd leg away! And take that sneaker off of it! It’s only an expression!

  12. The man-skirt is a NIIIIIIiiiice touch. :limp:

  13. Freddie and Flossie, the revered younger Bobbsey Twins, were devastated. Vacationing with Nan and Bert at the delightful family summer home in Geneva, Switzerland, the former Fat Fairy and Fat Fireman had planned for months to compete in the local “Clydesdale” foot race.

    Their costumes mimicking horse harness, the leggings to imply the gorgeous feathers of the majestic Clydesdale draft horses – they believed they were ready. They had trained, they were excited, and focused. But they weren’t permitted to compete.

    The “D” division Clydesdale race rules required men to be 102 kg+ (225 lbs), women to be 77 kg+ (170 lbs). And for the most part, they had to be brighter than the dressed-up sheep they resembled.

  14. I guess we know who wears the pants in this relationship.

  15. Flash Gordon

    Mr. and Ms. Senior Class at Elton John High, on
    their way to the Prom. Too sexy for their shirts.
    :limp: :limp: 😈 :wtf:

  16. I’d do him…her…um…aw, screw it, I’d do both of them… 😈

  17. Chris S

    Here we see the lead actors from the new Wonder Twins live action movie that is still in early stages of production. The part of their monkey companion Gleek has not yet been cast but rumors indicate Johnny Knoxville is a leading candidate.

  18. Happy Holloween Everybody!!
    This morning I’m a dark fairy (work appropriate attire)! I’ve posted those pics already. This evening I’ll be supergirl/woman? I’ll post those maybe tomorrow. I hope you all have fun and enjoy the hell out of it cuz I know I will!

  19. Kristi

    ABBA: The Next Generation

  20. Spud

    This is what happens when women are permitted to dress a man.


  21. Flash Gordon

    Two of AnnieB’s cousins. Would you introduce me to
    the allegedly female one? I’d like her to polish
    my knob.
    :wang: :wang: 😛 ❗ :thong:

  22. “I fell in love with these curtains, and just felt absolutely compelled to to make these tasty little outfits out of them.”

  23. Salmon

    have’nt you ever been to Scotland? haha

    my only interesting input I can think of for this is, the chinese character on the man’s clothes means ‘love’

  24. Jay Laverdure

    The gay lovers of Bararella & Flash Gordon or
    2 members of the cheerleading squad for The Justice League of America.

  25. Jay Laverdure

    The gay lovers of Bararella & Flash Gordon or
    2 members of the cheerleading squad for The Justice League of America.

  26. AnnieB

    Twittledee and Twittledumb. :limp:

    Flash – you can’t find a good maid there in Peachville? 😛

  27. Flash Gordon

    AnnieB-Sure I can, Hon, but their polishers are
    plumb worn out. :kiss: :kiss: :wang: :wang:

  28. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #210241 will be quoted here]

    That’s my girl!

  29. “I give up. What are you?”

    “Time travelers from the year two thousand and f’in’ loser.”

  30. tinamarie

    Dude…he’s got man boobs. And a skirt. And an absolutely FAAAAAAABULLLOUS attitude to his walk. Work it baby! :mrgreen:

  31. julesOdeNile

    hey dave, is there something wrong with my link. i keep trying to quote other people but it comes up as an original “no quote attached” message. just looks funny. ❓

  32. TimM

    Who ever they are, act nice to them and welcome them to our planet. Hopefully they come in Peace.

  33. Chris S

    the one on the right either has a dangly nipple piercing or some seepage… :wtf:

  34. Drusky

    Mistress Darla shows off one of her better trained men by taking him for a walk ‘off-leash’… 😈

  35. Lovely Drusky, that’s the perfect caption. 😆

    On a totally different topic:
    I was channel surfing when I came across the program title The Most Smartest Supermodel…or something like that. Wasn’t interested but something kept bringing me back to it on the guide, then it hit me.
    Is the wording on that title incorrect or redundant to anyone else?
    With spanish as my first language I had to take English (and Spanish too, ironically) several times, and granted, not much stuck but from the few lessons that did I think this is wrong.

    Most Smartest=Most Most Smart? :wtf:

  36. pookazilla

    [Comment ID #210315 will be quoted here]

    Not only is it redundant, it’s also an oxymoron :mrgreen:

  37. Driver

    His left tit looks like it got caught in some sort of suction device.

    Flash before she polishes your knob ya better make sure that horn on her head doesn’t flip forward so ya dont get stabbed in the abdomen.

    Mr. T
    I wonder why he’s not a guest judge on American idol? :wtf:

  38. [Comment ID #210313 will be quoted here]

    That guy really loves the cheese grater! And wearing my thong. 😈

  39. molisha

    [Comment ID #210233 will be quoted here]

    Hey Pablo with a capital “P”—–bend me over and do me backwards

  40. TimM

    I thought it was my crappy monitor but the guy’s chest does look like maybe his left nipple piercing got infected.

  41. Lady Wiley

    “well at least we didn’t dress like idiots”

  42. Mandy

    dave! were u and natalie out for a stroll? :kiss:

  43. [Comment ID #210583 will be quoted here]

    Well AnnieB, looks like you have competition.

  44. StevieC

    [Comment ID #210929 will be quoted here]

    Mandy, you wicked temptress; that is one hot avatar.

    Mind if I drool?

  45. TimM

    [Comment ID #210940 will be quoted here]

    whoa! Mandy’s avatar threw me backwards in my wheelchair. My front wheels going “squeak, squeak, squeak” as they spin in mid-air. 🙂

  46. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #210930 will be quoted here]

    Moi? Say it isn’t so! :kiss:

  47. Drusky

    [Comment ID #210929 will be quoted here]
    Wasn’t he past the ‘white’ thing? 😆

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