Caption Time #191

Caption Time #191

Image via Sirius Bland

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  1. Char

    I told”the King” to stay off my turf- but he just wouldn’t listen. Maybe this will be a lesson for that red- headed girl… I can’t be McHappy all the time. Sometimes I just gotta be me…

  2. Char

    Doesn’t this pic look suspiciously like a Ronnette McDonald?

  3. Brooklyn R.

    Ecconomic depression hits McDonald’s Funland pretty hard.

    In reality, the Shamrock Shake is made from Soilent Green.

    I’m afraid he doesn’t believe in magic anymore.

  4. Uhhhhhhh, I’m lovin’ iiiit!!!


  5. This is what happens to kids that fall deep into the ball pit at the mcdonald’s play rooms.

  6. Driver

    Sorry dad I know I’m supposed to wait till it’s ground up and made into the patties but this is the only way I can get it really rare.

    Dave I had no fear of clowns untill seeing this post…thanks Dave.

  7. Ronald McDonald just never really got the ‘Goth’ scene. We had to throw the wacko out of our group. And called the cops. Eww. Even if I was the worst substitute teacher ever.


  8. Spud

    “… our reporter was never seen again, this is the last shot on the film…”

  9. dorkiducki

    ❗ Mmm…tastes just like a chicken McNugget!

  10. dorkiducki

    😳 Mmm…tastes just like a chicken McNugget!

  11. McDÒ€ℒs should never have signed that merchandizing deal for Γ’β‚¬ΛœThe Ring 3Ò€ℒ.

  12. 1. McDahmer

    2. In the end, the youthful exuberance, the laughter, the cherubic smiles were too much for him, and he succumbed to the magnificent hunger that was his nature.

  13. TimM

    Dang, Someone beat me to a “Soylent Green” reference.

  14. Buck

    Bad Ronald


  15. Spud

    Not all, the more we obscure the better…

    One might even say that young Ronaldina had a stedging good time last night.

  16. patrick

    He told that damned Hamburgler what was gonna happen? Did he listen? πŸ‘Ώ


    You want fries with that?

  18. Morgan Spurlock never saw it coming.


  19. junkman

    so that’s what happened to colonol sanders.
    ps. makes me “grimace”

  20. Introducing, for a limited time only, The McPerson!


  21. Sher

    McPennywise in a preview from McIt.

  22. Burger King did so well blending their product with the the Simpsons Movie that McDonalds jumped right on the bandwagon. Unfortunately the only movie coming out was C.H.U.D. IV(chud = canabalistic humanoid underground dwellers)

    The picture for the new McCHUD value meal might not be quite ready yet. Plus how do do you supersize it? What dipping sauce should they offer? Finger food for the kids meal?

  23. Drusky

    In a ‘turnabout is fair play’ move, Ronald McDonald eats the director of ‘Supersize Me’ for a month to see if he gains any weight… 😈

  24. donnhw

    :wtf: If Ronald would rather go cannibal than eat the “food” they serve at McDonalds… πŸ’‘ πŸ˜•

  25. “That’s not ketchup…” :wtf: :puke:

  26. Mandy

    [Comment ID #198873 will be quoted here]

    i lol’d πŸ˜€

  27. Mikeme

    The former Baghdad McDonalds. It’s a blast! 😈

  28. Lake Effect

    I haz gooder than cheezburgr!

  29. Spud

    Supersize ma’am?

  30. Janeeto63

    “Two all big feeties, special sauce (you go, Zilla girls), lett’ass’, (butt) cheese, penis, anus, on a sesame seed butt.” (“Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun.”)

    “Hold the penis, hold the lett’ass’,
    Special orders don’t upset us.
    All we ask is that you let us serve it your way.”

    Any one hiring a disturbed jingle writer?

  31. Janeeto63

    “What do you mean I only get two sauces with my order? And if I want more, it’ll cost me $.25 each?!!” Damn, your Sweet and Sour sauce goes so well with this leg of man!

  32. TimM

    The McDonald’s corporation makes a horrific advertizing blunder when they hire George Romero to create their commercials.

  33. sweet t

    What the hell???? :wtf:

  34. The prices at McDonald’s are so high, they damn near cost me an arm and a leg! πŸ˜›

  35. Maddog

    I wonder if this is what happens when you bring home clothing with a tag in it that says “give it to the wife, that’s her job!” The Ronny McDonny look is for the insanity plea! 😈 😈 😈 😈

  36. if that’s what he eats I wonder what thay put in uor food eewwww! :puke:

  37. Flash Gordon

    Feet—it’s what for dinner. :puke: :puke: :wtf:

  38. Flash Gordon

    Damn! that should have been:
    Feet—it’s what’s for dinner. 😳 :puke: :puke: :wtf:

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