Caption Time #188

Caption Time #188

Image via The Poteets

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  1. TaterSalad

    What is it?
    I dont know!
    Whats what I can’t see a thing!

    Hay did you order mexican again?

    Blue 42 and Break!!!

  2. Chris S

    With their fates now painfully sealed, 3 short sighted yaks unknowingly wander too close to the territory of a rarely seen and deadly creature, The Miniature Iraqi Exploding Cattledog. Stangely enough through a chemical reaction the dog activates in its tiny and primitve brain, this typically reclusive creature has the ability to destroy everything within a 20 foot radius, including itself, but only does so as a matter of self-protection when it feels threatened.
    Also observe the last known patch of green in all of Iraq…which will soon become a smoldering crater. Such is the wonders of nature… 😛

  3. TimM

    “I see John, Paul, and George, but where’s Ringo?” asks Brian.

  4. sledge

    all right which of you dudes got my girl pregnant

  5. Spud

    What is it?

    I don’t know

    Step on it.

  6. [Comment ID #196594 will be quoted here]

    No, it’s a Taco Bell dog.

  7. StevieC

    3 blondes; 1 brunette. I’d say that it’s pretty evenly matched. 😈

  8. TaterSalad

    Mr & Mrs Yakavish, I’m here to pick up your Daughter, Hot Lips Sally.
    S A L L Y !!!! oh didnt see you standing there.

    Hi Paco, I’m ready. 😈

    Paco thinking to himself you dam well better be cuz i anit wasteing time on fore play :wang: 😛

  9. junkman

    -in the latest poll masturbation and procrastination are neck and neck. are we putting off ’til tommorrow that which could be pulled off today?

  10. chainstay

    Si! That is right, bow down before your new master!

  11. junkman

    [Comment ID #196617 will be quoted here]i’ve never quoted myself before but in re-thought this might mean we have alot of time on our hands.

  12. jeffro

    [Comment ID #196602 will be quoted here]

    very funny. cracked my ass up. I hear it in Ashton’s voice “Dude, Where’s my Hair?”

  13. Chris S

    [Comment ID #196617 will be quoted here]

    Actually that is about the only thing I DON’T procrastinate. 8)

    I hope the tie breaker is in my favor so I can win 2 polls in a row! 🙂

  14. Blonde #1 Please help us oh wise and merciful one!
    Blonde #2 Help us, we can’t see! We need your healing hands!
    Blonde #3 Where are you? We’re blind again, please forgive us our sins and bless us with sight.
    Blonde #2 We promise not to do it again.

    Brunette: * :wtf: omg every couple of months all I do is cut their hair!*
    (no offense to my beautiful brainy blonde ZillaGirlz)

    Whoa! I’m pants-less today 😈 !! Cool beans!!!
    Such liberty…Such freedom…I love America!!!
    (That’s the most patriotic you’ll ever see coming from me 🙄 )
    Link of the day: I want someone to fill my hole… 🙁 😈

  15. Bigwavdave

    Astryd – Hole-filling is my specialty. Let’s pick a cavity and get to work. :boob: :thong: :boob: :wang:

  16. Jay Laverdure

    “We beg you, tiny dog! Don’t kill & eat us!
    We bow before your might and awesome power!”

  17. Mandy

    Dave? Are you spying on us again? :thong:

  18. StevieC

    [Comment ID #196632 will be quoted here]

    I think he’s either (A) dreaming or (B) hoping for pictures. Kinda like the rest of us, actually.

  19. LauraL

    “Is it poop?” “Don’t know.”
    “Looks like poop!” “Doesn’t smell like it.”
    ” Hey dude step on it and see if it’s poop?” 😆

  20. LauraL

    “Is it poop?” “Don’t know.”
    “Looks like poop!” “Doesn’t smell like it.”
    ” Hey dude step on it and see if it’s poop?” 😆

    “YELP!!” “does poop make noise when you step in it?”

  21. Mikeme

    Oh great. Mexican Hillbillies!

  22. Reelcrckr

    Yak, yak, yak.

  23. Lake Effect

    “Eewwww – Tastes like poop, too.
    I think it’s poop.”

  24. TaterSalad

    Looks Like Poop
    Smells Like Poop
    Taste Like Poop
    Acts Like Poop
    Must Be A Dog

  25. :thong: :limp: :wang: :puke: :roll:that about tells it all

  26. :thong: :limp: :wang: :puke: :roll:that about tells it all

  27. tinamarie

    Alrighty now. Here’s da plan:

    youse three make lots of noises and I’ll go unlock the gate and then we’ll all run like hell and get the f@ck out of here! Youse got that?

  28. crash

    you’re looking for a what…oh ok follow the river turn left no right no i mean swim across the river walk 200 miles and you will see the taco bell….Good luck

  29. Lilli Crested

    …across the plains of terror, through the jungles of death then pass under the bellies of the Yaks to find my princess…….CRAP, I’m gonna get stepped on! Hmmm is she Really worth it?

  30. Drusky

    [Comment ID #196633 will be quoted here]

    I think Dave forgot AnnieB…
    Dave, how could you? 😆

  31. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #196707 will be quoted here]

    He knows EVERY day is pants off day for me! :kiss: :wang:

  32. Just the pants? Cuz it’s kinda hot in here and I could use some cooling off. 😈

  33. HawkMistress

    “Are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’? Midget tossing time!”

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