Caption Time #144

Caption Time #144

Image via Jack

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  1. I’m seeing an E. No, an A… And something like stitch. Kitsch, witch… Mitch! And An L. Mitch L. Mitchell! Amy, no, Andy…Andrea! Andrea Mitchell! You had a question?

  2. Spud

    Ooga booga booga…


  3. zinta

    I’m trying to read Bush’s mind… but coming up with nothing.

  4. Timm

    Caption: Note to self: Do not use super-glue on hairpiece! Now how am I going to get my fingers unstuck from my forehead?

  5. StevieC

    The White House Press Secretary demonstrates the Republican Mind Meld.

  6. Dave

    I’m thinkin’ Arby’s

  7. “Using my amazing mental abilities, I will make you believe, or at least not question, the crap that comes out of my mouth.”

  8. Da Popster

    Wooga, wooga ? 🙁

  9. Craig

    “Why the hell did i do this to myself?”

  10. Anna

    “Man, I ain’t kiddin ya, one of her titties was thiiiiiis ha yooooge”.

  11. Kangaroo

    Helen Thomas, WHAT NOW, good grief, this is bordering on HARASSMENT, and have you considered a nose lift?

  12. CroneWynd

    That was a cool video!
    Seriously, the audience there LOVED it, and I think that those ladies are awesome… and gorgeous.


  13. Kit

    “Okay, now, look into my eyes….Everything is going to be all right.”

    I’d agree with CroneWynd there on the video, it was impressive, talent-wise, and enjoyable! Was that during a celebrity thing? I kept seeing actors and actresses I knew in the audience. (at least I thought)

  14. Steve

    Before we wrap up, a quick joke for the psychics in the room…………

  15. junkman

    “i am so pissed at you. i dare you to knock this white house of my shoulder”

    button day? please dubya, don’t push it!

  16. Sher

    “So you think I should get the full face lift instead of the Botox?”

  17. runnineric

    “I should have never gotten into the governmental business. Wait I’ve got an idea, let’s see if I can blow this whole place up!!

    The videoo was HILARIOUS!! :boob: :boob:

  18. Flash Gordon

    Faux News wants me back? :wang: :wang: :wtf: :puke:

  19. “I’m thinking of a number between one and three billion. Any guesses?”

  20. mikeme

    HEAL, Mr. Bush, I said HEAL!!!!!

  21. pablo

    P O T A T O E Look guys! I’m channeling Dan Quail!!!!

  22. Pappy

    [Comment ID #80108 will be quoted here]

    Exactly! Good for them for doing it. No one wants to be rail thin anyway. 🙄

  23. OK, I surrender!

    But I have to quit my day job, now, if I can’t stretch the truth anymore!

  24. Tina Marie

    Through the powers of my mind, I can see the future…..
    ……hmmmm…..yes it seems that we are…..

    Apparently, it takes the government psychic assistance to figure this out. 🙁

  25. donnhw

    …Hey, Macarana 🙄

  26. trans am man

    I got it i will destroy them with my super secret forehead laser beam these pathetic human beings will never no what killed them!!!!

  27. “Wait, I’m getting an impression… I see the letter G. And a W. He says to trust him, everything is going to be alright. Does that make any sense to you?”

  28. Driver


  29. Drusky

    These pesky reporters ask such obviously biased questions. My migraine is this big!

  30. Drusky

    Re: KFC logo…

    Another first for the human race. Earth: Galactic Drive Thru.
    ‘Would you nice aliens like your earthlings original or extra crispy? 😈

  31. Moulin…..huge. Moulin…huge.

    Why, oh why, oh why? :wtf:

  32. Pegusa

    “Watch as i magically pick up that old guy’s toupe!”

  33. kari

    Hold on a second while I access my x-ray vision to see what is really going on in this room

  34. Send in More Clowns


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