Caption Time #129

Caption Time #129

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  1. mikeB

    “Hey, pull my finger”

  2. mikeB

    “My Bearenstein Bear technique will easily defeat your Care Bear style Kung Fu.”

  3. Driver

    Take one more step and I’ll pick your nose .

  4. Booboo: “… and so, me and Yogi were, like, giggling as we snuck up on those campers to steal their picnic basket. I tell ya, if you’re gonna do that during the day, make sure you haven’t just smoked a whole bunch weed. Damn ranger nearly caught us!” 😛

  5. Hey Hey

    “Hehehe…got your nose!”

  6. Spud

    “It’s just a jump to the left
    And then a step to the right
    With your hands on your hips
    You bring your knees in tight
    But it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane,
    Let’s do the Time Warp again!”


  7. Lisa

    Smell my finger!

  8. Ms Puppet Launcher

    “Ima bitch slap you, mofo.”
    “Hold up, son.”

  9. Take one step closer I’ll hit you so hard you’ll wake up a chiuaua!

  10. Patrick

    Miss Thing needs some fashion collaboration. Doesn’t she realize that stripes and plaid shouldn’t be worn together?

  11. We gotta see a frontal of Miss Thing. I’m betting she has make-up trowelled on so she looks like Mrs. Picaso-head.

    Excellent safe-sex measure, though. By the time a guy has removed half that junk, he’s too tired to go on! :dead:

  12. bhamm

    – “STOP! In the name of love…”

    – “I know kung fu.”
    “Show me.”

    – “Watch this hand. Watch this hand… are you watching?” *smack* “Should’ve been watching THIS hand!”

  13. cynical villain

    Looks like something out of Street Fighter before they start fighting.

    Round 1….ready FIGHT!!!!

  14. Damn, Roger, you *did* get that grub up your nose. Mama’s gonna skin us both! … Is there another grub? …

  15. “C’mon bitch ass. I’ve got something for you. . .”

    “Bring it.”


  16. I call this one the “Ursa Minor Gonna Whoop Your Ass, Boyeeeeee!”

  17. Cindy

    Whew, dude! Have a Tic Tak! :wtf:

  18. jdeppgirl

    “STOP! Hammertime!” 😐
    I thought it was funny.

  19. Infernos

    Don’t make me bitch slap you

  20. “Why does this finger smell so bad?”

    “C’mon, put ’em up, put ’em up”

    “If you can grab the stone from the palm of my hand, you may leave the temple … er, forest.”

    Gollumbear: “Gives us the preciousss, frodobear, yesss, gives us the preciousss.”

    “No really, why does this finger stink like this?”

  21. Zinta

    Hey idiot.. people are taking pictures.. you should know better than to stand on 2 feet.. get back on all fours before they figure the truth out.


    Whatever, whatever! You don’t know me! Talk to the hand!! 😛

  23. mikeme

    Talk to the paw!!! 😛 😛

  24. Chicky

    I’m not touching you… I’m not touching you…. I’m not touching you…. 😀

  25. Red Dog

    A rare look at the bear mafia “collecting” on a missed payment.

  26. dougieace

    plotting ,scheming,training their young in the martial arts for the day the bears destroy civilization. another example of the threat these bears pose to mankind.they must be stopped!!

  27. Spud

    “Hiiiiiiii Yahhh!”

  28. Flash Gordon

    Aawww, they be so cu-u-ute! Like littleMexican chirren. 😕 🙄 :kiss: :puke: 👿

  29. crystal

    Making sure that this time when little miss goldie locks returns, the porrage of the littlest bears will be safe, and she will finally get the ass kicking she really deserves…. 😈

  30. Tina Marie

    You must lean into your hindquarters, grasshopper, if you wish to truly master the art of Bearate.

  31. family jules

    Now you hold this little silver spoon under your nose like this…..and you inhale quickly……all the way in…….yeah, just like that! Now, how do you feel?”

  32. Those poor smurfs! Now that I think about it, Gargamel was always something of a terrorist, wearing that black robe and looking all crazy. Forget bin Laden; Gargamel must be stopped!!!

  33. Stephen Colbert’s nightmare – bears learning kung fu.

  34. Kate

    hey spud smell my finger… i have way to much time on my hands NOT LIKE THAT YOU DIRTY DIRTY OCTOPUS>.

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