I just added a mobile theme to Davezilla.com to make it easier to read when you’re stuck waiting at the clinic (I won’t ask which one), waiting at the DMV, or avoiding listening to a boring meeting at work. I believe this theme is also optimized for Android, iTouch and the Palm Pre.

Presumably this means you Crackberry users are screwed. Sorry about that. Let me know how it works for you. It seemed to work great on my iPhone.

10 thoughts on “Attention iPhone Owners

  1. Dibs on firsties! Don’t know about Androids but I think I’m fixing to find out. I can assure you, Moto Q is piece` du crap! Smart phone my ass, this thing is dumber than a sack full of rocks.

  2. Cornbot, you gotta wait for the new crAPPLE producto set to be shown on the 26th. Apparently it’s gonna be a Touch-style Tablet. Just so’s it doesn’t have to be jailbroken to use real apps like they did with the iPhone/Touch OS. Those bAstards broke the jailbreak with this last 3.1.2 update. Wuz I ever pizzed! Sure was when I tried to ssh into my device… 👿

    Also, Dave: what do you care about those A$$-RIM Crackburys for… that’s last year’s technology for wAnnabEes. Let ’em eat CSS!

  3. I lost my shoe-phone.
    Now hold my index finger as a speaker and my pinky is the mouthpiece.
    The reception is no better than the old shoe-phone but I get a lot more seats on the bus.

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