A Brief History of Garnishes

History of Garnishes

[Apologies for the large file size]

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  1. Fai Sheng

    The “portions” are getting smaller. They will fit into the huggable urns too 8)

  2. Tina Marie

    But I don’t want to hug Daddy’s ashes. :puke:

  3. Actually, I think hugging a loved one’s ashes is a lot less disturbing (and gross) than hugging a loved one’s stuffed corpse. :puke: :puke:

  4. And about the garnishes, I believe a sprig of parsley is a model’s entire diet.

  5. Ace

    Ah, parsley. I use it to give my mac ‘n’ cheese a little pizazz whenever I want to distract myself from the shadow of depression that lurks over me wherever I go. The ashes of my uncle Horace, a lumber jack who did a little bare knuckle boxing for fun, that now reside in a fluffy teddy bear bring no me no consolation, but parsley… it fixes everything. Yey parsley!

  6. abbi

    all of those look disgusting and that hugable ashes thing is kinda creeping me out :wtf: but then again i might just be a picky person :mrgreen: whooo Mr Green

  7. You just had to bring up fried chicken, didn’tcha?

  8. JFLY

    Now you can really knock the stuffing out of Grandpa!

  9. Ha, cool stuff. I’ve actually been holding back on a garnish-post for a few months, but now that you’ve broken the ice, I might go ahead and put it up. Thanks.

  10. Alex

    My favorite garnish is gravy!

  11. Zeke

    [Comment ID #69467 will be quoted here]

    but they still have to take out the toothbrush…..gag…

  12. Zeke

    [Comment ID #69477 will be quoted here]

    sry quoted the wrong one…

  13. Zeke

    [Comment ID #69468 will be quoted here]

    there we go.

  14. cbatdux

    zeke been smoking the parsley mahn….

  15. Spud

    I’ll have the lot with a side order of bucket.


  16. fried chicken mashed potatos and seas of brown gravy and a dainty sprig of parsley and dandelion leaf sitting jauntily askew to the biscuit. and when you die from the coronary we’ll put you in a teddy bear. yikes

  17. junkman

    there are alot more things i would like to stuff up a lemons ass. i don’t see no goddam urns and my teddy smells like fried chicken.

  18. Zinta

    I hate garnishes.. waste of space on the plate.

    Hey.. the huggable Urn.. they should make a Teddy Ruxtpen version with the dead persons voice… you walk into a room and he says.. Have you hugged your (hame of dead relative) tonight? LOL.

  19. Happy National Fried Chicken Day!

    Fried chicken has got to be my absolute favorite food! Mmm, trans fat!

    I figure every time I eat at KFC, I take a year off of my life. I’m gonna see if I can go there today. I think I’m down to 34 now….

  20. Da Popster

    Garnishes? Hell, can’t eat it, doesn’t taste good, why waste space on a plate ?

  21. [Comment ID #69513 will be quoted here]


  22. MrDoug

    Remember the Teddy Bear in AI? With that really creepy mellow voice, now THAT is what you need!

    And who does not want to cuddle up with the ashes of the there only sibling at night who died a tragic death after a long battle with a horrible disease? You can almost hear the conversation…”Mom the stuffing is coming out of my teddy bear…” Oh don’t worry about it it’s just your dead sister…”

    Tip of the day, be sure to pluck your chicken BEFORE you throw it in the deep fryer!

  23. mikeme

    Women still like the ol’ cucumber!!!!! :wang:

  24. astroknut

    My favorite garnish is a womans thighs 😈 :thong: 😛

  25. Rachel

    I love Fried Chicken but i couldnt put my dead grandma in teddy bear thats just creepy! ❓

  26. Driver

    Main course – two pound Black Angus Ribeye steak bloody , one pound garlic butter shrimp ,- – Garnish – one pound baked potato smotherd in butter , sour cream , chives , bacon & chedder cheese ! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  27. Beaner

    Ok, in the 1950’s picture, what is the gelatin -like – O -shaped stuff? It seriously looks liked garnished cat vomit to me! :dead:

  28. Driver

    That 2000 garnish aint no garnish its a rasberry , blueberry , strawberry mini pie desert … I’ll take four please .

  29. Luarie

    [Comment ID #69513 will be quoted here]

    😳 lmao oh my

  30. Chicky

    Garnish is EVIL!!!
    Evil.. I tell you!
    Run…run for your lives!!!!!!!
    And Ferran Adria has a screw loose! 🙁

  31. Flash Gordon

    Southern favorite: filet of Possum garnished with a few sprigs of dogfennel
    and slathered in chicken fat. Yum! :puke: :puke: 😛 🙄 😕

  32. Lace Valentine

    I like the Garnish piece, Dave,. It only needs a little, ummm, embellishment.


  33. Drusky

    Mom walking into room:”Look at this mess! What happened here?”
    Kids: “It’s o.k., mommie! We were just having a pillow fight with daddy…” 😈

  34. [Comment ID #69500 will be quoted here]


  35. astroknut

    [Comment ID #69568 will be quoted here]

    Thats just wrong! :wtf: 😈

  36. [Comment ID #69513 will be quoted here]

    or one that when you hugged it, a little plastic or wax likeness of the person talking pop out of the top………….maybe that could be a bit too much……

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