The Problem with Long Nails

Ever see women with ridiculously long nails? Grown to a length where they begin to curl into talons and turn yellowish? There are some men that grow them long too, but the majority are women. I’ve always wondered how these people get through their every day lives. Think about the things that would be difficult and painful, if not impossible to do with nails like that.

  1. Getting in and out of a taxi
  2. Sending a text message
  3. Zipping up a zipper
  4. Un/Lacing a corset
  5. Un/Hooking a bra
  6. Juggling axes
  7. Braiding hair
  8. Push-ups
  9. Jenga!
  10. Playing hockey
  11. Reading Braille
  12. Using a jackhammer
  13. Putting in contact lenses
  14. Playing Cat’s Cradle
  15. Counting stolen loot
  16. Using chopsticks
  17. Performing a Bris
  18. Self-gratification
  19. Soldering electrical equipment
  20. Wiping a baby’s bum and changing the diaper