21 thoughts on “I don’t even know where to begin…

  1. Hey! This is the 21st Century. Whatever a guy, a girl, a tranny, and the farm animals they drag up decide to do while under the influence of cheap drugs in a rundown shotgun house, and call it love, that’s okay by me.
    What band is on the tee-shirt? That’s a more compelling question to me.

  2. [quote comment=”635466″]Your right, I wouldn’t know where to begin either[/quote]
    I do… :puke:

  3. I don’t even want to know what drugs they’re on
    Plce looks like a picture I once saw of a party in the sixties
    this is wrong on so many levels

  4. i’ve heard of doing the watusi….that must be Watusi up front with Bony Maronie in back doin’ the twist wid Lil Mashed Potada. ❓

  5. [quote comment=”635484″]Don’t laugh people. They are probably going to the next winners on “Americas got Talent.”[/quote]
    If that’s “talent”, someone pleezzee flush !!!!! :puke:

  6. Some of the Prez’s relatives perform in the rec room of the White House. 👿 😈 :wtf: 😮

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