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  • StevieC

    Three Dog Night performing “Mama Told Me Not To Cum”

  • pablo

    Before Salt ‘n’ Peppa fired MC Oregano.

  • Queen Rosebud

    pablo, that’s priceless! 😛

  • Patrick

    Hey! This is the 21st Century. Whatever a guy, a girl, a tranny, and the farm animals they drag up decide to do while under the influence of cheap drugs in a rundown shotgun house, and call it love, that’s okay by me.
    What band is on the tee-shirt? That’s a more compelling question to me.

  • Rufnkdnme

    Pimpin’ with the Backstreet Boys t-shirt! So Gangsta.

  • Meagan

    Blind Bernie thought he picked up two hookers, but what he really got was one hooker and a one-arm tranny!

  • Don

    Your right, I wouldn’t know where to begin either

  • julesOdeNile

    [quote comment=”635466″]Your right, I wouldn’t know where to begin either[/quote]
    I do… :puke:

  • Lung the Younger

    Auditioning for the new Broadway musical “Samson and Delilah Jones”.

    Chyrelle is trying out for the part of the jawbone and the ass.

  • fruf

    I don’t even want to know what drugs they’re on
    Plce looks like a picture I once saw of a party in the sixties
    this is wrong on so many levels

  • junkman

    i’ve heard of doing the watusi….that must be Watusi up front with Bony Maronie in back doin’ the twist wid Lil Mashed Potada. ❓

  • chainstay

    Don’t laugh people. They are probably going to the next winners on “Americas got Talent.”

  • DaPopster

    [quote comment=”635484″]Don’t laugh people. They are probably going to the next winners on “Americas got Talent.”[/quote]
    If that’s “talent”, someone pleezzee flush !!!!! :puke:

  • Flash Gordon

    Some of the Prez’s relatives perform in the rec room of the White House. 👿 😈 :wtf: 😮

  • dwasn

    The chick with the leg up looks like Tony Braxton

  • Mandy's Kidding

    I like that his hat says, “Halleluhjah.”

  • Brandon

    Has nobody noticed the shoes that Mr. Back-Street is wearing? They look like leprechaun boots.

  • junkman

    why does he have an elastic band around three of his fingers?

  • junkman

    and i never thought i would say this but the best thing in the room is the linoleum 😉

  • StevieC

    Well, at least now we know who put the ‘F’ in “Fugly”

  • Spud

    I’d like to know who’s taking the picture…


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