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  • Patrick

    And in this tender moment surreptiously captured on film a mother welcomes her daughter into the “I’m a fat ugly hag; if anybody ever licks my boobs it’s gonna be me” club.

  • Nuilogad

    but mom, I can do my own body shots

  • Avalon

    If she were in a beauty contest with a bulldog. The bulldog would win.

  • scamper95

    A redneck girls night

  • Mean Things

    Are you sure thats Ohio, it looks a lot like Arkansas.

  • Stevie C

    [quote comment=”633253″]Who knew Sam Kinnison had a twin sister?!?[/quote]

    If you had a sister that looked like that, would you mention her?

  • Nicolette

    Oh jeeze! And I thought my view at the ballet recital was bad…… Glad these prize sows weren’t in my sight line! :puke:

  • Sammy

    Women in Ohio spend time…grooving 😮

  • Lung the Younger

    …and with the kindly help of Betty Jo, Marlene finally won her bet by proving that you can wring a chicken’s neck and eat a popsicle at the same time…

  • Sammy

    …outdoors, in neither air nor land…

  • fruf

    I see that their home is in the background It’s amazing that they can buy cigarettes oon food stamps
    oink oink where’s their curly tail

  • Mandy's Kidding

    Ohio jokes never get old to me.

  • blonde mafia

    shes gotta get that last drop of beer that fell down her shirt…

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