Welcome to Ohio

Welcome to Ohio


  1. Patrick

    And in this tender moment surreptiously captured on film a mother welcomes her daughter into the “I’m a fat ugly hag; if anybody ever licks my boobs it’s gonna be me” club.

  2. Nuilogad

    but mom, I can do my own body shots

  3. Avalon

    If she were in a beauty contest with a bulldog. The bulldog would win.

  4. scamper95

    A redneck girls night

  5. R@e

    Who knew Sam Kinnison had a twin sister?!?

  6. [quote comment=”633253″]Who knew Sam Kinnison had a twin sister?!?[/quote]

    If you had a sister that looked like that, would you mention her?

  7. Oh jeeze! And I thought my view at the ballet recital was bad…… Glad these prize sows weren’t in my sight line! :puke:

  8. Sammy

    Women in Ohio spend time…grooving 😮

  9. …and with the kindly help of Betty Jo, Marlene finally won her bet by proving that you can wring a chicken’s neck and eat a popsicle at the same time…

  10. Sammy

    …outdoors, in neither air nor land…

  11. fruf

    I see that their home is in the background It’s amazing that they can buy cigarettes oon food stamps
    oink oink where’s their curly tail

  12. blonde mafia

    shes gotta get that last drop of beer that fell down her shirt…

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